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Rena reminded me today of this incredible resource for self education.  Great possibilities for independent studies.


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Hello From New York

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Hey Guys, I know it says anonymous, but I'm just going to break that illusion right away and say it's Clara.

So I've been thinking a lot about education here in New York. I am currently attending the second most rigorous college in the country according to the daily beast, and the amazing part of this school is that there is a lot of discourse about whether it is worth it. Whether the stress, and now tuition, plus corrupted and indifferent administration who want to commoditize an incredible school is worth the education being received? And simply because there is this discourse, and because I have joined an alternative governance reading group and can talk about my worries and doubts with other students going through the same thing, and the fact that the faculty and school encourages these conversations, I must say that here it is definitely worth it. However, there are other colleges where I would argue it is not. I want to warn you guys that college these days is so much about money, and so not about education, and on that note I really want to encourage everyone, but especially the seniors, to watch this documentary Ivory Tower because it really makes you weigh your education in terms of its personal worth and not in terms of its name. And even if you don't watch it, consider not going to college. Maybe, if it's too scary, not very seriously, but still, it is a feasible option. More and more recently. I also want to give you a very interesting article I am reading about education which to me is a testimony to the difference between Laurel and Public School, it is beautiful. I won't be offended if no one reads it, but I am finding it very interesting and I wanted to share. This is my present to you guys from New York.


ok, damn I don't know how to link this document. If anyone is interested in reading it, it is called "Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Friere, chapter 2, I have the document on Drive so if anyone wants it, I can share it to you on gmail, just let me know.


I miss you guys! I will drop by in January.





Empty Bowls 2014

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Hello to all returning and new Laurel Students!  I am writing to let you know that I am once again helping with the Empty Bowls event this year!  The date this year  is November 1st, at the high school cafeteria.   I don't have exact times yet but late afternoon and evening is the usual time frame.  This is a great opportunity to get community service hours and is a great event to support!!  Anyone interested in volunteering please comment on the blog.  I will also send out an email.    More details to follow about the event, but for now wanted you all to have the date.  


Mary Beth 


Summer Reading

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Laurel students and teachers!

For this summer, I was wondering if at least a few people wouldn't mind giving suggestions for good  books to read. Genre and length don't really matter. I also figure anyone who needs a book to read could then benefit from having a list of people's favorite books.

Thank you!


Beehive Design Collective

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Just wanted to remind you all about the Beehive Collective presentation on Thursday May 8th at 7:oo PM at The Ark.  The Beehive Collevtive is a group of artist/activists who collaborate to create fabulous graphic murals, the subject of which are environmental and social movements or issues.  The theme of the current project is "Mesoamerica Resiste"!  Their work is really pretty amazing to see!!  Check out their website for more info.:  If you are not able to come May 8th there will also be an opportunity to see them on May 9th at YIHS at 1:00.  Let me know if you will be going to the May 9th presentation as we need to get #'s to YIHS.  Hopefully we will see lots of you there on Thursday night!!  Feel free to contact me with any questions (#773.503.7952)

Mary Beth

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