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Laurel Art Show!

Permalink 04/05/13 10:28, by Rose, Categories: General School

Hello Everyone -- 

I've been talking to Macon at the Rooted Spoon and our date for our art reception has been officially set. 

The reception will take place from about 4-7 on Thursday the 25th of April. Parents/Friends/Family are welcome to come for the whole time, or just drop in at any point. I will need halpe haning the show that day. I will be going there at 12 to get ready. Anyone who can help with that, comment on this post.

Please remember that the word ART is extremely versatile and can encompass almost anything! Art in our lives because life is our art, right? 
Paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, collages, fabric/fashion art, culinary arts,  pretty much any sort of artistic expression of yourself is totally welcome!
You are welcome to sell your art. As you bring stuff in, leave a piece of paper that states the following info for each piece (whether you want to seel it or not)

Title of Piece
Artist Name
Price (or NFS if Not For Sale)


We will hopefully have a certain time for performance arts. Performance art can be almost anything as well whether you want to recite a monologue, read a poem, play a song, do a dance, sing a ballad, or improv a skit, we would love to have you! 

Next week we will be preparing for the show:
There will be several days for matting pieces of art (which means any last pieces you would like to show need to be brought in ASAP!), if you volunteered or would like to volunteer to help with that, please comment on this post. Further details to follow.

ALSO, we are going to have a group painting session on Wednesday April 17th! It's going to be super fun. We'll get a pizza and paint on a big canvas together during lunch and 3rd block. Feel free to join for that whole time or jsut add a 'lil doodle when you have the time. The more the merrier! 

Stay tuned for updates! And please please please keep bringing in art! We need more!  



Comment from: Payton [Member] Email
I could help after two o'clock on the day of if that could help?
04/05/13 @ 10:31
Comment from: Rose [Member] Email
RoseThat would be awesome, Paytron! Thanks.

Don't worry about feeling like all your art has to be super recent. I'd say pretty much anything from the last few years that you want to show, you can.
04/05/13 @ 10:41
Comment from: Molly [Member] Email
I could help as well setting up.
04/05/13 @ 15:24
Comment from: Corin [Member] Email
I can help setting up if you need it.
04/05/13 @ 16:44

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