"Fly Ties" Song

  05/09/21 20:42, by Annabella


For the Cabaret skit "Fly Ties", we need 3-6 people to sing/record a very simple song.
Here are the lyrics:

Fly Ties
Fly Ties
Fly Ties
Flyin to work in style, yeah!

We need a combination of high and low voices. It will take less than 10 minutes. It's fine if your voice is not the most melodic sound. No one will know it is you singing, and your face/name will not be shown/given.
We can record it during second block or right before/after school. If you are slightly okay with the idea of this, please comment and consider yourself hired.

Thank you!
-- Fly Ties team

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  05/06/21 12:38, by Cassidy


Due Tomorrow (Friday):

-Quotes!(paper handout or emailed to me)

-Senior chosen quote, favorite memory, and future plans (if you know -- otherwise write "unsure" and I will follow up)

-Grade surveys (emailed out this morning)

-Main photos if you have not emailed me one already

-Virtual photos (join Zoom sent over Hangouts at 8:05am)


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Independent Studies for Fall 2021

  05/04/21 09:45, by Lynne

I know, I know. Let's get this school year done before we think about next fall -- but please reconsider. Planning now for an independent study means you will be prepared to begin right away, with the resources you need for a successful and rewarding learning experience. It's highly unlikely that an unplanned study will be approved, which is why we need to start the dialogue and process now.

If you are interested in an independent study (including foreign language/Rosetta Stone or other online class, such as Khan Academy or Great Courses), let's discuss it at our meeting this week.  You'll be using a new planning tool to help you put together a fun and productive class.

Thank you for being as excited as I am to start a new year with new directions to explore!

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All Laurel Students: Send Photos!

  04/22/21 09:28, by Cassidy


*Calling all Laurel students!*

The Yearbook team is collecting photos for our upcoming Yearbook. All photos can be sent to me directly (coucas@viroquablackhawk.org). 


1) All students: A photo of yourself
This can be a funny photo or a photo you like of yourself from this past year, ideally without a mask so we can see your lovely face. If we do not receive a photo from you of yourself, we will pull you out of class or take a screenshot of you, which may not have the most flattering lighting! 

2) All students: Photos of Laurel friends/classmates
These can be candid photos at school from this past year, photos of you with your friends outside of school from this past year, screenshots of your virtual friends/classmates from this past year. We will use these for collages in the Yearbook - the more the merrier!

3) All students: Photos from community service
If any of you have taken part in any community service opportunities over this past year and have photos from your experiences, please send these in and specify what community service opportunities the photos represent.

4) Seniors only: Senior photo and baby photo
If you do not have a virtual copy of your baby photo, you may bring it in to Laurel and we can scan it at school. If you do not have a formal senior photo, you can just send in a photo you enjoy of yourself.

5) Independent study students only: Photos from independent study
Anyone who has taken part in an independent study this past year and has photos documenting their work, please send these photos in! If you do not have photos, do not fear -- there will be follow up days where we take photos of independent study students. This is just a call for anyone who already has photos, or can take photos of what they have done for their independent study.


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End of Unit 7-Start of Unit 8

  04/21/21 07:11, by Lynne

Hello, all independent studies students!

Unit 7 is rapidly coming to a close -- Friday, April 30 is the last day. Monday, May 3, is the start of Unit 8 -- the final unit of the school year, and it ends Friday, May 28.

Your folder sheets for Unit 7 (the number-ranked Evaluations/Completed Work sections) and unit self-evaluation will need to be completed and turned in no later than Tuesday, May 4. Your Unit 8 folder sheets (the number-ranked Expectations, Plan and Specifics sections) need to completed and turned in by Thursday, May 6. Be sure you sign/date both the Unit 7 self-evaluation and Unit 8 folder sheets.

This is a good time to check on previous folder sheets and evaluations to be sure they are finished and turned in. These documents are part of an independent study's requirements, so it's important that they be done.

As always, if you have questions, please ask. You know I'm happy to help.


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