Political Science/Law Studies

  04/04/20 14:36, by Annabella

Hey everyone!

Just trying to see if there is interest in either a political science or law studies class for fourth block this quarter.

Political Science: Anna Kane gave us access to some really good resources to use for political science, and we would probably have discussions a few times a week through Google hangouts. Our plan is quite flexible as of now.

If you aren't sure what Political Science is, here is what the online dictionary says: the branch of knowledge that deals with systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior.

Law studies: We are also considering taking a law studies class, which would include both philosophy of law and actual court cases. We would probably be reading and discussing as well, also meeting virtually.

Currently, it is Fiona and myself, with possibly some John and Cassidy. Both of these classes would be happy to have lots of people in them! Fiona and I don't know much about either of these classes, so we could all start at the beginning together!

If you are interested in one of these, please comment, and we will meet virtually sometime early next week to look at the resources together and make a plan.

Right now we are just getting an idea of who would be interested in what. Thank you for considering!


A video I made

  04/01/20 13:09, by Jasper

For anybody interested, I created a video about the best April Fools pranks through history!

No, the classic Sugar-Salt switch isn't on here, But spaghetti harvesting and Taco Liberty Bell are!



Alumni Mentors: Help with Fourth Quarter

  03/31/20 16:26, by Cassidy

Hello Laurelites,

Some Laurel alumni got together (virtually) and pooled their resources and expertise into a document to assist in any and all classes. They're able to share resources to assist in curriculum planning, meeting virtually to discuss specific subjects or topics, or just chat about anything in general. Read through the document (attached below) and see if anyone can be of service - we find ourselves in a weird period of history, and alumni would love to commiserate and help you with your classes! 

Hope everyone is well!




Video Chat with Strangers Guidelines and groups

  03/30/20 15:36, by Lynne

This was buried in the other post, so I've moved it to its own blog post and will continue to update the chat groups here each week.

So here are the guidelines (updated to include community service and group chats):


You will be contacting the other members in your group through Google Hangouts (or other video chat program, but GH is by far the easiest to use) through your school’s email account. Use the email to schedule your meeting time; once you have the other person’s email reply, hover your cursor over that person’s name. An option box opens and you can either schedule a chat or open a chat from there.

A visit should last 10-15 minutes to qualify for an equal amount of Laurel service. This is based on individuals chatting with other individuals, one-on-one. If you are in a group of three, you will be visiting with two other people as individuals; if you are in a group of four, you may visit with just two other individuals or you may visit with all three of the other individuals and earn an additional 15 minutes of service.  If you would prefer to do this as a group chat, you may; however, you must either visit as a group for 30 minutes or meet twice with the group in the same week and visit for 15 minutes. In either case, to earn 30 minutes of service, you must participate in 30 minutes of video chat per week.

Once a chat is finished, mention it in your blog post that day, naming the people with whom you visited and the length of time the chat lasted.  It isn’t necessary (though it would be interesting) to include the content of your conversation. If the video chat is not mentioned, no Laurel service credit will be awarded. Also, enter this service time on your service log (if you have it at home) or on a sheet of paper showing the date, the activity (video chat with -- naming the people with whom you visited) and the number of minutes. This must be included in your Laurel portfolio. If you have already completed your Laurel service hours but still need more community service, this activity can be used for that purpose, but only after Laurel service hours are met.

Please be considerate of other people’s time. When you schedule a meeting, do your best to attend. Others are counting on you to be present. If you are unable to attend, notify that person to let them know. You can either reschedule or postpone until a later time, but do make arrangements to “meet up,” preferably in the same week. You also might find it easier to have these chats in the evening rather than during the school day. Whatever time works best, do it then.

You have been grouped with classmates who likely share at least one thing in common with you. Some possible topics of conversation might be classes (foreign language, math, film study, even keyboarding!), hobbies and interests (art, music, computers, video games, sports, animals, pets, movies, etc.), family/friends, places you have lived, nostalgia (favorite toy as a child, favorite subject in school, favorite cartoon or movie character, etc.), plans for the future (after high school, after college, career choices), where you have traveled (in the US or abroad), hopes and dreams. Anything upon which you both agree is an interesting subject to explore! Each week you will be assigned to a new group, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to learn more about your classmates.

This is all new territory, so there may be unexpected surprises or challenges, but we can figure out how to make it work. The point is to have fun, get to know each other better, and to earn some Laurel service in the process. Most importantly – more than any of those reasons – is the reason this activity was formed: to address the very real need to connect with each other during this time when many are feeling isolated and lonely. You can be a bright spot in someone else’s life! Remember to Stay Laurel Strong!


Independent study evaluations and folder sheets

  03/30/20 10:20, by Lynne

Just a reminder: 

Unit 6 ends Tuesday, March 31; please complete your evaluations by Friday, April 3.

Unit 7 begins April 1; please complete your folder sheet by Monday, April 6.

For details on filling out folder sheets, look for the previous post on this page.


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