For Juniors. :)

  01/29/18 22:55, by Heron

Here is something I found online. I wish I could have encountered something this helpful in my Junior year.

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Human Geography

  01/24/18 18:34, by Maia

We have a blog page, so check it out!

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Lunch W/ Strangers questions from long ago

  01/24/18 15:13, by Elena

Found these while looking through my docks.

Questions are taken from several different sources

  • Start with, “Why are you interested in dating my child?” Then, sit back and listen. Glare if you need to.
  • What do you think about when there is nothing you have to think about?
  • What’s your hidden talent?
  • Have you seen a ghost or an alien?
  • Do you have any regrets about the past?
  • Who is your childhood crush?
  • What dance move describes you?
  • What celebrity would you like to eat?
  • What's your favorite laurel moment?
  • What does ALICE stand for?
  • If you were a smurf what would your smurf name be? (Example: Brainy Smurf, passive aggressive smurf)
  • Evil? Are you it?
  • Hows your life going? Mine too.
  • What song describes you?
  • Favorite freshmen?
  • Favorite subject?
  • Least favorite movie? (We aim to cause chaos among you)
  • Weirdest/Best dream?
  • Favorite haircut on another person?
  • Tell us about Kylie Krahn!
  • Is Morgan Freeman real?
  • Tell everyone about your twelfth Birthday.
  • What is the first thing to come to mind when you hear the word  “Transformers”?
  • Who at this table is the murderer?
  • Have you ever got lost? Tell everyone!
  • Has the food come yet? If it hasn’t you're reading this to fast!
  • Talk a little more about Kylie!
  • Favorite coming of age movie?
  • Dogs. What's the point?
  • Did you read for english?
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  01/18/18 08:53, by Elena

Hey, Laurelites! Thought some of the seniors would appreciate this scholarship. I am not eligible because I am going into Art as a career but if you are going into Environmental Science you may wanna check this out! 

Heres one for all yall Marketing, Business, IT, Law and Communications majors

Something for the computerlings



Figure Out Your Ecological Footprint

  01/15/18 10:23, by Naomi

If you have any free time you should take this test that shows you how many planets we would need if everyone lived like you.



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