Cabaret Practice tomorrow!

  11/10/19 20:15, by Joy

The first cabaret practice is Monday Nov. 11! Please be there. 

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Info from Cabaret Meeting

  11/07/19 17:52, by Joy

1. Cast list must be finalized by Friday

2. Practice starts Monday! At school 3:20 - 5pm. Everyone should be there. Cast, directors, producers etc. 

3. If you cannot be at practices let your director and produces know ahead of time.

4. Dec. 2 is tech. week! This is the week before the performance. Everyone must be there! This includes makeup, stage hands, light and sound crew. 

Producers: Arianna and Elisa

Costumes/props: Ellie

Lights: Joy

Makeup: Belle

Poster: Elisa

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Cabaret Update!

  11/05/19 15:28, by Arianna

There will be a meeting tomorrow at lunch for all directors/performers in the Far Side. This meeting is to help you all understand the rest of what will happen. It is your chance to ask any questions, and it is how I will get a final count on who is in the cabaret and who is not. If you are unable to be there, please comment so I don't leave anyone out. If you are looking to still participate in the cabaret but don't have anything yet, please come. We will find something to do. 

This is a MANDATORY meeting unless you have communicated otherwise with me. 


Cabaret Practice

  10/30/19 14:58, by Elisa



If you were unable to get your scripts to us today, could you please email them to one of us over the weekend.

Elisa - or Arianna -

So far we have (if yours is not here email it to us, otherwise it won't be in the cabaret!):

-- I Want To Break Free - Director(s): Emma Z

-- Dialogue - Director(s): Anna, Fiona

--Speech Being Rehearsed to His Parents by Graduating College Student - Director(s): Anna, Fiona

-- Broken Tables - Director(s): Anna, Fiona

-- Backward Prom - Director(s): ???

-- Teenage Dirtbag - Director(s): Ellie

-- British Bake Off - Director(s): Anna, Fiona

-- Amy and Judy-Camping - Director(s): Anna, Fiona


There is still time to be a part of the cabaret; directing, acting, lighting, sound, costumes, props, set, etc. 


IMPORTANT DATES:  (we need parent volunteers to be at practices--adult supervisors--if your parent can make it to any of these dates please let Arianna or I know--emails are above)

Wed, Nov. 6th - casting needs to be done

Mon, Nov. 11 - practice at school 3:20 - 5pm

Wed, Nov. 13 - practice at school 3:20 - 5pm

Mon-Thur, Nov. 18-21 - practice at school 3:20 - 5/6pm

Mon, Nov. 25 - costumes/set/props done

Mon-Tues, Nov. 25 & 26 - 3:15 - practice (at school?) 3:20 - 5/6pm

Sun, Dec. 1 - practice at the Commons - time TBD

Mon-Thur, Dec. 2-5 - dress rehearsal week at the Commons (formerly the Ark) - time TBD

-- lights, set, and costume people are all required to be at dress rehearsal week (everyone involved besides makeup people)


PERFORMANCES: (EVERYONE--cast, directors, makeup, costume, lights--are all required to be at the Commons 2 hours before performances)

Friday Dec. 6th -- 6:30pm (doors open to public)

Saturday Dec. 7th -- 6:30pm (doors open to public)

Sunday Dec. 8th -- 2pm (doors open)


Once again:

Costumes/props: Ellie

Lights: Joy

Makeup: Belle

Poster: Elisa



Please answer these 3 questions!

  10/30/19 13:59, by Sylvi
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