06/05/18 10:07, by Elisa

Hello all, I will also announce it but come talk to me if you are interested in implementing this mentor thing we tried to do this year for next year come talk to me ASAP. We will try to make a group of people this summer who meet a few times to make it an actual thing next year, we have more and more people coming and it is more difficult to organize everything in a timely manner. Yeah so come talk to me today or tomorrow or send me a text/email if you don't find me, I'll tell you more when you talk to me. 

Email: or

Phone: 608 632 7594

--- also can text me through snapchat/messenger/instagram --- 

~ whatever works for you ~

Also this is only for upper class people so yeah. 

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  05/30/18 14:47, by Karin

If you ordered a yearbook, please bring $12 to Ivy's desk by Friday. Also check your name off so I know who has paid. Thank you!

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Wednesday Election

  05/29/18 18:15, by Heron

Before the freshman meeting, I will be passing out ballots to vote on who will be filling different positions next year.

The candidates are:

Student council president: Juniper

Upperclassmen Representative: Celeste, Dylan, Kennedy

Underclassmen Representative:

Producer of Fall Theater Production: Elisa+Ellie, Dylan+Cedella

Producer of Spring Theater Production: Cayliegh

Organizer of 2018-19 Yearbook: Elisa, Emma Z.

Organizer of 2018-19 Poverty Awareness: Dylan+Cedella


See you Wednesday!



  05/25/18 15:04, by Maiela

We have a freshman meeting scheduled for Wednesday at the resource. Please be there.
Think about anything you might want to bring up. It can be literally anything.
Thank you.

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  05/25/18 10:17, by Karin

Hello all,

I'm compiling some information for the Laurel newsletter about the Cabaret. If anyone who was involved in it this past year would like to send me a few sentences about their performance in any of the following skits, that would be great! Also, if anyone remembers which seniors were in any of these skits, please let me know. Send any information to my email, Thank you!

Telegraph Line

Call 2000 Space Cadet

Soap Opera

Cowboy Take Me Away

Dead Seagull

Lucy's Ukulele

1st, 2nd, 3rd Class Train Ticket

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Freeze Frame

It Will Be Easy

Are You Single

Elf and Order


The Jackal

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