looking for a job

  05/26/20 23:05, by Ethan

I am looking for a summer job, does anyone know of someone hiring? 


Meetings with Renee 5/28-6/3

  05/26/20 18:39, by Lynne

For those who haven't signed up for a meeting with Renee, please do so right away. Monday-Wednesday are full, and Friday afternoon is as well. So those signing up will be Thursday and Friday morning meeting times.

It's important to have your portfolio in good shape beforehand. 

For many of you, this week's meetings with me will be the last. Please try to keep our set meeting time so we can discuss preparations for your meeting with Renee. Also, so I can see your smiling mug one more time before the end of school. :D

I will be figuring blogging percentages Thursday morning, so make today and Wednesday count.

Click here to sign up for a visit with Renee:



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Groups for final Video Chat with Strangers May 26-29

  05/22/20 09:54, by Lynne

Here are the groups for the final week of Video Chat with Strangers. If you haven't already shared your prior chats on your blog (in order to earn Laurel service hours), please do so right away. Also be sure to have a hard-copy log to keep in your file at school.

Belle  Gracie Ambrosia Aly

Fiona  Ena  Anneka

Cammie  Arianna  Joy Hannah

Kale  Ethan K  Fritz

Ben   Jasper  Severin


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Last day for blogging

  05/20/20 16:02, by Lynne

Hi everyone!

As you know, Renee will begin meeting with underclassmen next Thursday, May 28. In order for me to calculate blogging totals for student meetings, I have set next Wednesday, May 27, as your last official blogging day. If you wish to continue blogging past that day, you are more than welcome to, but those posts won't count toward your percentage. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Summer hiking

  05/15/20 21:27, by Gracie

Hello everyone!

I had an idea that I thought everyone might be interested in. I was thinking we should try to coordinate hiking trips this summer to stay connected since we didn't get to finish off the school year together. It would be a super fun way to hangout, be in nature, and get to know each other more. I think it would be a great way to connect us as a family more. I wanted to post this before seniors finished, so hopefully if they are around the area this summer they could join in! This is just an idea for anyone interested. I was thinking we could go to either sidie hollow or duck egg. Let me know your thoughts please! I will be hiking a lot this summer and I would love to get to know you all more, plus I was hoping going into the next school year, we would do more events for everyone at Laurel to connect more. I know everyone is getting in the summer mode so I won't get too far ahead of myself :) I hope you all are doing well. If you are interested please comment and let me know how soon you would want to go! 



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