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Laurel Art Exhibit

  03/31/09 10:42, by Jules
Hello, um, yah, this is my first post, so hopefully this DOES end up working...we'll see. *ahem* We in the Artist Books class are going to hold a Laurel Art Exhibit next week after the Parent Meeting. Because this is such ridiculously short notice, we… more »

Laurel Yearbook class for last quarter

  03/27/09 09:13, by Mellissa and Julia's parent
Hi Laurel People! The last quarter's art block will be devoted to creating a yearbook for all of you, and we need YOUR HELP!! If you have the space in your schedule, it would be great if you could join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:40 to 11:00 to… more »
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"Into the Wild" copies needed...

  03/19/09 17:39, by John
We have three copies of "Into the Wild" a book by Jon Krakauer (1996) and are looking for 3 more... Check those shelves at home! more »
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Supplies requested

  03/12/09 11:45, by Renee
Hello- Laurel could really use a second microwave. If you have an EXTRA one, would you please consider donating it to us? Also, if your student has not done so, please bring in a couple boxes of tissues. Or, send a box when he/she needs one. Finally, if… more »

Thank you ....and I'm sorry

  03/06/09 15:21, by Renee
Dear Laurel People, Thank you for a wonderful day! Thank you for working so hard and putting so much passion into our school. Thank you for taking chances by saying things others might not agree with. Thank you for creating an atmosphere in which others… more »
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  03/05/09 09:15, by Renee
Good Morning! I just wanted to let everyone know some final details about tomorrow's Laurel Retreat. We will be taking a school bus which will pick us up in front of VHS. We will meet in Laurel for attendance and walk down from there. The bus will… more »
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Lunch at the Retreat

  03/03/09 12:21, by Hobo
What all do people want to eat on Friday? Potluck? Cookout? Coffee and Donuts? lets get this ball rollin... more »

Things to work on...

  03/02/09 12:37, by Dylan
This is a forum for people to come and give ideas and suggestions for things that could add to the general usabilityness of the laurel blog. Cheers more »

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