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Poverty Awareness

  09/29/09 15:26, by Cassidy
Laurel was thinking about doing Poverty Awareness sometime in March. We were thinking about asking Youth Initiative and VHS if they would like to do it with us. We would like to get donations for it, asking businesses, neighbors, etc., because we can't… more »


  09/28/09 13:03, by Grace
Cleisthenes, born 600 BC died 570 BC, was an extremely influential tyrant of Athens, Greece, probably best known for introducing the the system of democracy to Athens. This system was based on people ruling themselves instead of being ruled by a king,… more »
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Student Council next week!

  09/15/09 14:42, by Dylan
Come to student council next week because we will be voting for the student council President. Thanks more »


  09/14/09 12:08, by Amanda
hello everyone more »
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  09/11/09 18:33, by John
How was the play (day)? Any early returns? more »


  09/09/09 19:22, by Cassidy
Is there anyway we could work out a way to delete posts/comments we've messed up on or don't want anymore? There isn't really a way to delete something. You can edit it, but you can't completely delete. It would be very helpful. more »

For John

  09/09/09 13:28, by Anders
Hey John is there a chance you could make a Sociology/Psychology category for those of us who need it(me). Thank you, that system is working very well. more »

The Week

  09/09/09 11:24, by Hobo
I have recommended getting the Week magazine, which is a weekly issue (go figure) that covers international news. its basically like a concise summary of everything thats going on in the world every single week. However: as a weekly thing, its more… more »

Volunteer Opportunity:

  09/08/09 21:34, by Jules
Hi, I received this e-mail recently and thought it might be a good thing for Laurel to get involved in (and receive some hours!) here's the e-mail: Greetings Friends of WDRT 91.9FM, You probably already know about Kickapalooza, WDRT's first fundraiser… more »

john and fritz

  09/08/09 13:28, by Rachael
i think we need a john and fritz page that would be like renee's page. it would be handy to get a message to them ,since they arnt here everyday/ just an idea more »

cabaret anyone?

  09/06/09 23:53, by Mellissa
There will be a cabaret happening down at the Fortney Underground at the end of September- anyone can preform a short skit, song, poem, whatever creative theatrical thing you'd like to do. The upcoming deadlines are as follows: Wednesday, September 9:… more »

Check out that feature!

  09/05/09 14:28, by John
Check out the "online now feature" -- on the right hand side of this page -- it shows who is on the site at the time you are looking. I only point this feature out because this blog site is the product of "open source" coding -- meaning hundreds of… more »
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  09/02/09 08:58, by Anders
Gnarly blog more »
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