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questions to be answered

  11/29/09 16:56, by Rachael
dylan , erin? glen?? okay so is the debate on monday or tueday. please please tuesday but whatever works ... i understand that i was gone so whatever you want to do ill be prepared for. more »

Indoor Soccer!

  11/24/09 15:35, by Anders
Good evening, I have been working on organizing some indoor soccer cooperative pick-up games! I am trying to get permission to use the middle school gym as our facilities,over the winter months. I would just be, a random group of good people coming… more »

Purple is not punishment

  11/24/09 13:19, by Dylan
Guess I'm gonna agree with Ian. I'm not sure if I have any purple in my wardrobe but if I do then I'm wearing it tomorrow. more »
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  11/20/09 14:47, by Hobo
"Purple is pimp not punishment!" -a very strong advocate for the color purple. more »
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Inspirational quote of the day

  11/20/09 13:57, by Anders
"I encourage you guys to learn from Shakespeare, whether you're writers, thinker, or humans." -John more »

  11/19/09 14:18, by Jessica
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Laurel Retreat

  11/18/09 12:13, by Cassidy
For second quarter, it would be great to do a Laurel Retreat. Comment if you have any ideas. Get a discussion going. It would be great if this could happen. more »
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Looks like an interesting talk tomorrow night at the Kickapoo Reserve

  11/17/09 15:12, by Fritz
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Driftless Dialogue lll: Big Cats Eric M. Anderson, Professor of Wildlife Ecology at UW – Stevens Point, will talk about the biology, history of management, distribution and population of mountain lions and bobcats in… more »
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Laurel get togethers anyone ?

  11/13/09 14:31, by Nathan
I'm thinking Laurel should have a movie night/ video game night to socialize with the other students. anyone interested??? more »

  11/11/09 11:33, by Rose

A day to in the life of Nathan "gundys" Gunderson

  11/10/09 13:00, by Nathan
Today, im going to start doing my list. This will be an important day for gundys more »


  11/09/09 15:40, by
english A: we discussed the rest of the yellow wallpaper, is this a happy story? i think she is happy in the end, she is a lot more free. chemisrty: we did a lab and more »

Choir anyone....

  11/04/09 18:17, by John
A new blog for those interested in Choir -- leave a comment here if you want access to this page -- all who expressed interest in Zoe's post below already have access more »

KVR Dates

  11/03/09 14:48, by Rachael
Hey guys here are the dates to the KVR workshops. they're fun and a great way to get some FLEX TIME, and food. oh, and a great learning experience too! any questions ask Fritz or me. if you want to sigh up contact,,, Jonel Kiesau Education Coordinator… more »
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hey there

  11/02/09 14:09, by Nathan
I gave blood today...feel very tired more »
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SAT/ACT Prep Course

  11/01/09 13:47, by Erin
Hey, so its getting to be that time, fellow juniors (and seniors who have not already taken the test), when we have to start thinking about taking the SAT and ACT.(I know some of you have already taken the ACT and I don't know about the SAT). But I was… more »

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