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  03/31/10 13:08, by Rachael
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Music For Closing Of Art Show

  03/29/10 19:35, by Jules
So, Pete just e-mailed me the name of the woman who he signed up (?) to play music for the dance party-esque event that will take place at the end of the show (the 23rd) Her name is LoJo Russo, and you can find her on youtube. She's a bit guitar-y,… more »
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Heads up!

  03/25/10 18:21, by Anna
Fritz's wife, Susan, has been kind enough to offer to come in on April 22nd and show the Fashion class some beautiful, one-of-a-kind dresses from the 1920s! Anyone can come sit in, even if they're not in the class. Just let me know ahead of time,… more »

Yearbook Anyone?

  03/25/10 14:59, by Mellissa
Well folks, it’s that time of year again. The time when third quarter is coming to a close and the end of the year is inching into sight. It is also the time of year when we start to analyze whether or not we’d like to have anything to take with us when… more »

Art Show: Matting

  03/24/10 21:45, by Cassidy
My mother has generously offered to mat artwork for the art show (not for free, but still generous). My mother cannot just collect your artwork without a prior knowledge of the dimensions (the size of the artwork). So listen up: if you want anything… more »
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For all of Laurel... enjoy =P

  03/22/10 14:00, by Nathan more »

ah! I just looked at a calender!

  03/21/10 16:00, by Jules
Wow. Apparently it's almost the end of March. So, if you want to be in the art show, GIVE YOUR ART TO CASSIDY TO GIVE TO MARGOT WHO WILL MAT IT (right, cass? Should we give her money in advance for the mat board or something?) more »
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Laurel Art Show Update:

  03/17/10 08:28, by Jules
So. I have realized that April 9th is a major fail on many levels, and have talked to Pete Daniels and have re-negotiated the date. HERE'S THE LATEST: The Art Show's opening will be on Friday, April 16th, it will be up for a week, and on it's closing… more »

This Tuesday...March 16th...2010....

  03/15/10 18:14, by Zoё
If you want to participate in capture the flag it will be going on by the picnic tables! Sidney vs. Dylan ........Who Will Win? more »
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Metal Studies \m/ -_- \m/

  03/10/10 13:13, by Nathan
Is anyone else interested in taking Metal Studies? So far I only have 2 other students taking the class and I would welcome more people.. more »
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Milwaukee Trip

  03/08/10 15:13, by Dylan
Make sure you do the doodle poll that Renee sent out for the dates for the Milwaukee field trip! more »
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Happy Tuesday

  03/02/10 11:07, by Nathan
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo more »

Upcoming Events

  03/01/10 09:50, by Renee
Hello Laurel Students: Unbelievably, there are only three months of school left and you have many, many events you want to do. If you want all this to happen, you must immediately respond when I ask you for information, especially via email. I've… more »

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