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I want you! To bring in props

  11/30/12 08:07, by Colin
As of now there have been very, very few people who have come forward with props to support the plays. We need these props for these plays to happen! And we need them soon, the Cabaret happens in only three weeks and props are an integra; part of rehear… more »
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young folks

  11/27/12 15:34, by Clara
in art first block i worked on the poster for theatre, which i said i would do.  In art 2nd block we  are still doing mixed media, and we started collaging, which i have never actually studied in detail which should be interesting.  In english i did… more »

Creative Writing Group

  11/15/12 09:41, by Elizabeth
Hey everyone! If you were a member of the original 4th block creative writing group and have written a story, (even if you haven't) please post yours and/or  comment on other people's stories on The Bulletin! They worked hard on these, and they deserve… more »
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Laurel T-Shirt Design...

  11/14/12 15:51, by Zoё
For those of you with artistic talent and the desire to have your design on the Laurel T shirt, you time has come. Students should submit 1 (or 2 one for the front and back) designs, if they compliment each other. It would be preferred it Laurel High S… more »


  11/12/12 21:31, by Colin
Here are all the prop lists. Any questions/comments contact Colin or Molly. Small things: Car Table/Counter Lawn Chair Ken and barbie dolls House prop (size-beach ball; side 1 "Home", side 2 "Hamburger Stand", side 3 "House on the hill", side 4… more »

  11/12/12 14:14, by Taiga
The color of twilight leaked through the old dusty blinds into an ancient cabin. If you didn’t look close enough the cabin would appear to be uninhabited. But hidden behind a broken wall a man sat looking at a worn picture of a woman. He appeared to hav… more »
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Laurel T-Shirts

  11/02/12 18:28, by Zoё
Hello everyone! I am heading up the organization of Laurel T-shirts (and possibly more depending on the interest and possibilities available to us). We have a design, two actually, that were voted to be our designs for on the shirts. The cost should be… more »

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