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  05/30/18 14:47, by Karin
If you ordered a yearbook, please bring $12 to Ivy's desk by Friday. Also check¬†your name off so I know who has paid. Thank you! more »
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Wednesday Election

  05/29/18 18:15, by Heron
Before the freshman meeting, I will be passing out ballots to vote on who will be filling different positions next year. The candidates are: Student council president: Juniper Upperclassmen Representative: Celeste, Dylan, Kennedy Underclassmen… more »


  05/25/18 15:04, by Maiela
We have a freshman meeting scheduled for Wednesday at the resource. Please be there. Think about anything you might want to bring up. It can be literally anything. Thank you. more »
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  05/25/18 10:17, by Karin
Hello all, I'm compiling some information for the Laurel newsletter about the Cabaret. If anyone who was involved in it this past year would like to send me a few sentences about their performance in any of the following skits, that would be great!… more »
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Sophomores, Mandatory meeting next Friday

  05/17/18 19:13, by Elisa
Sophomores, as the end of the year approaches, so will the end of our career as under class-men. Ellie and I have some things we would like to discuss with the sophomore class before the year ends (mostly about next year, especially because Laurel just… more »

Spirit Week

  05/17/18 09:38, by Hannah
Friday----Match the walls at Laurel. Wall colors: -Tan/yellow -Purple -Dark red -Light purple -Bermuda blue -Cotton candy (the cave) -baby blue more »
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Week Spirit

  05/12/18 13:56, by Elisa
Could someone post the spirit week days? more »


  05/06/18 19:04, by Sadie
Hi guys!¬† We are looking for pictures for the Laurel newsletter, and if anyone happens to have some photos from the following events please take the time to send them to Lynne at her email: - American players theatre trip… more »

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