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Small Towns - Cabaret Skit

  10/31/18 16:28, by Annabella
Hey smile when you read this! If you are still looking for a skit to be in I have a relatively short skit that has room for like, 5 or so more people and it more or less makes fun of small town gossip. Sadie or I need to know by snack tomorrow because… more »

ALL Mentors

  10/27/18 11:33, by Cedella
PLEASE check our blog page asap! Thanks! more »
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Meeting Place

  10/24/18 16:10, by Juniper
We are not able to meet at school so for getting ready you will have to do it on your own or you can meet up as groups and get ready together. For carpooling please meet out front of the school at 5:00 a clock or a little before. Thank you, everyone. We… more »
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Lunch With Strangers Questions

  10/24/18 12:10, by Dylan
I'll post pdf as comment more »
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  10/23/18 19:23, by Elisa
ok, so these are the ones that were handed in to me. If you are not on the list but have something that for some reason I didn't get come talk to me.  also great job (almost) everyone for getting them in yay!   Directors you must find your actors by… more »
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Cabaret Idea - someone write this?

  10/21/18 07:53, by Annabella
Okay, here's an idea for the Cabaret. There are past presidents around a table and they are all discussing Trump but the conversation doesn't have to just be about him. There is Lincoln, Barack, Nixon, JFK, George Washington, and maybe Bush, along with… more »
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  10/18/18 20:50, by Elisa
TURN YOUR SCRIPTS IN LAURALITES THAT ARE PARTICIPATING IN DIRECTING IN THE CABARET. THAT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID. THEY ARE DUE NEXT TUESDAY.  also sorry for all caps but its important, and don't forget about junipers post about ghoulies in the… more »
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  10/18/18 20:48, by Elisa
um, hey ya'll. please come talk to me mentors thanks love you all kay bye. more »
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APT Photos

  10/17/18 09:35, by Karin
If anyone has any photos from APT, please send them to me at . Thanks! more »
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Ghoulees in the Coulees

  10/15/18 11:45, by Juniper
So the event is being held on the 26th and the 27th from 5-10:30. We could either do both these days as a whole group or some people could go one day and others go the other or you can attend both days. So I want everyone to post a comment saying 1. IF… more »


  10/10/18 18:53, by Elisa
*** please read it all if you are at all interested in helping with the cabaret*** - we also have a theatre blog page I'll use from now on. I will just copy and paste this on there, doesn't matter where you comment for this post but lets try to use that… more »

Medieval Feast Planning

  10/10/18 15:09, by Juniper
Hello Everyone. So the Viroqua area schools medieval feast is held every other year and is a medieval-themed event where there are vendors, dancing, eating and a sorta play in the gym. We at laurel usually have a stand that we can come up with a theme… more »


  10/02/18 20:42, by Elisa
please please get your ideas for the cabaret to Ellie or I ASAP. if we can know all who is interested in directing or performing music or something of the sorts (ex. Juniper and Isaac are going to do a cello duel with bohemian rhapsody, lucy is singing… more »
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