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Float Update

  09/25/19 20:36, by Eleanor
ATTENTION -- Float building is canceled! There is going to be lots of rain! more »

Float Building Schedule

  09/24/19 17:13, by Eleanor
Hello everyone!  My parents will not be around to the extent that they originally thought, so the schedule will be a bit tight. Try to make it as much as you can -- we only have 3 days! Otherwise, if somebody else in town wants to host who has a parent… more »

Is there still interest in the float?

  09/23/19 19:09, by Eleanor
ATTENTION! PLEASE READ! Are we still interested in making a laurel float? If so -- we need to get some things together. ALY -- can you please bring the trailer to my house tomorrow?  KALI -- is your truck still available? You will need to stop by my… more »

Gaming group (again)

  09/23/19 10:00, by EthanK
Ok, it looks like there is decent interest in a game group, but we need to finalize a time. After school on wendesdays or thursdays work best for me, but let me know how you feel. hopefully we can meet this week, or maybe next week. more »

Homecoming Float

  09/20/19 14:40, by Elisa
Polar bear theme float. The quote could say “Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear?” “I hear Viroqua is winning this year!” (no voting for ideas because this was the only one posted, thanks Arianna) Truck - Kali Location (to work on it) - Ellie… more »
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Gaming group (?)

  09/19/19 14:01, by EthanK
Hey, I love all types of games. Card games, role playing games, board games, video games (etc.). I was wondering if their was any interest in a gaming group. I dont know when we would meet, what would happen in said meetings, but comment if you would be… more »


  09/16/19 15:52, by Elisa
Please comment your ideas for the laurel homecoming float here. It has to involve artic bliss and football.  We will vote Wednesday after ideas have been posted. I will make a separate post.   Also please post who can drive, provide a flat bed (or… more »

Laurel Yearbook

  09/12/19 12:10, by Elisa
Throughout the school year, please send any pictures from Laurel events to Joy for future yearbook use.  Such as, camping trips, APT, Festival of Nations, Laurel Dress Up Days, etc... more »

Class Meeting

  09/11/19 16:11, by Elisa
Arianna said she would help with producing for the winter Cabaret. Joy said she would do lights. Lunch with strangers is Cedella and Dylan. Ghoulies in the Coulies is Percy. Poverty Awareness (?) Cedella and Dylan.  Yearbook Dylan and Joy Newsletter… more »

Photography club 2019-2020

  09/04/19 09:38, by Gracie
If anyone is interested in doing photography club this year, please comment on this post.  Karin started this club last year, and I would really like to keep it going if anyone wants to do it!! more »

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