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Cabaret Practice

  10/30/19 14:58, by Elisa
IMPORTANT CABARET BLOG -- DO NOT DISMISS THIS (PUT THESE DATES IN YOUR CALENDAR)   If you were unable to get your scripts to us today, could you please email them to one of us over the weekend. Elisa - or Arianna -… more »

Please answer these 3 questions!

  10/30/19 13:59, by Sylvi
Hey people, if you could take a minute to answer these questions for my stats experiment...… more »
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Fishing club

  10/28/19 18:55, by Severin
Just a reminder that there will be the first fishing club meeting in resource. more »


  10/28/19 14:48, by Elisa
DON'T FORGET Scripts are due THIS WEDNESDAY - October 30th Turn them into Arianna or me -- other deadlines are on the calendar on the front board    ALSO People said they would do these things, correct me in the comments    Costumes/props - Ellie… more »

Ghoulies Pictures!!!

  10/28/19 14:15, by Annabella
Please send any pictures from Ghoulies in the Coulies to: One or two will appear in the Newsletter for October.   Also: If you want to write a summary of Ghoulies, please do so and email it to me!   Thank you! more »
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Cabaret Lighting

  10/25/19 15:53, by Joy
If you are interested in learning about lighting and doing lights for the Cabaret please comment. This doesn't mean that you can't be in the cabaret. But you can get Laurel service for it. more »

Attention! Cabaret News

  10/24/19 16:10, by Arianna
Hi everyone. This has been said throughout the day but I thought I would put it somewhere permanent. If you are writing for the cabaret, please please please get it to me or Elisa as soon as possible. The deadline is Wednesday, October 30th. We need… more »

club Art

  10/23/19 23:42, by Annabella
Art Club! Is there a resource coming up that would work best for us to meet? We can all bring art supplies or just use the stuff in the art corner and begin! If there is any planning involved let's do that then as well! Comment your preference please! more »
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Fishing club

  10/23/19 16:05, by Severin
I was thinking that next Tuesday would be a great day to have the first fishing club meeting. I was thinking that we could have it in resource. And me and John were thinking that It might be fun to go fishing on Wednesday after school.  Please post your… more »


  10/21/19 16:02, by Joy
The High School Musical is coming up! Don't miss out on the fun! more »

Debate club news.

  10/21/19 15:56, by Jack
So the first debate club meeting didn't really work out that well because so many people weren't able to attend. Because of the low attendance me (and the people that showed up) have decided to change the meeting day from Friday to Thursday. Let me know… more »
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  10/20/19 10:43, by Elisa
Seniors, please respond to my email about chord colors! It is linked with the email Renee sent, so check which ever email that was. more »
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Debate club topic

  10/15/19 15:54, by Jack
So we will be doing the first Debate club meeting this Friday from 3:20 to 4:30. What would you guys like to debate? Please let me and everyone else know in the comments. more »

Gaming Group (again, I know)

  10/12/19 21:20, by EthanK
Hey, the gaming group is being moved to monday, so if anyone wants to join, that is the new time. Let me know if there is any interest. more »

Debate club

  10/11/19 12:47, by Jack
It looks like people are okay with doing debate club today or next Friday. I think that we should probably do it next Friday considering the fact that it was fairly short notice to do it today and also I am not at school today. So lets plan on the first… more »

Debate Club.

  10/10/19 14:11, by Jack
So it appears that the day that would work for most people would be Friday after school from like 3:15 to about 4:30 at the far side (if it is available). Please let me know who would be able to come to the first meeting it could either be tomorrow or… more »

Art Club

  10/10/19 11:36, by Fiona
Hey all!  let's have an art club meeting next Thursday (10-24) if you are at all slightly interested you should come! If that doesn't work we can reschedule for some other time. more »

Fishing Club

  10/03/19 11:38, by Severin
Should the Fishing Club meet next Tuesday in resource? What kind of fishing is everyone interested in? more »

club Art

  10/02/19 23:05, by Annabella
On the subject of starting clubs, Fiona, Hannah and I were talking about starting a Laurel Art club. We haven't really planned much yet, so please comment interest and ideas! I think it would be during resource probably. We could study art, make art,… more »

Debate club

  10/02/19 16:01, by Jack
So it appears that there is a decent amount of interest in starting a debate club. I am not sure how we would go about scheduling it so that there would be a decent amount of people able to come and join in. If you have any suggestions about when we… more »

Game Group

  10/02/19 15:44, by EthanK
There is a game group happening at the library today. Come if you can. It will go until about, 5:00, maybe? Hope to see you there! The games I have on me are: Smash up, ticket to ride: america, isle of sky, and love letter (Love letter is a great game,… more »

Fishing Club

  10/01/19 16:08, by Severin
If anyone is Interested in a fishing club please comment. more »

Debate club?

  10/01/19 16:05, by Jack
Today in block 4 English we had two different debates and it seemed like most people really enjoyed doing that so I would like to form a debate club if anyone is interested. If there is any interest we will figure out specifics at another time. If you… more »

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