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Spring Production

  01/30/20 23:16, by Arianna
Hello everyone. In hopes of helping everything be democratic in true Laurel fashion, here is a list of the ways you can be involved in the spring production. There will be a meeting tomorrow (Friday) at resource in the far side. If you have any interest… more »

Facilitated Virtual Writing Class opportunity

  01/26/20 18:03, by John
Idea:  The Facilitated Virtual Writing Class (FVWC) is structured class with assignments, deadlines, and support which concentrates on developing and practicing skills writing (and reading skills necessary to write).  The goal of the class is… more »
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Civics Club

  01/21/20 12:42, by Elisa
Hey all! I am starting a Civics Club through the school. I was wondering if any of you were interested in being part of it, all the details have yet to be worked out (like when we would meet, how often, etc), but before I do I want to see if there is… more »

Library Program - Learn Java Script

  01/14/20 18:22, by EthanK
Hey everyone, there is a program at the library being taught by one of MOSA's programmers. He will be teaching Java script, a web based scripting language, every thursday from 5:30 - 7:00 from february 6 to march 26. The requirements listed are over 15… more »
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