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Calling All Actors!

  02/25/20 16:33, by Hannah
We need a head count on everyone who would want to act in the Spring Production Brace yourself cause this is about to get complicated... West side script: Need permission to perform and need time to rehearse. If we do this script we would need all the… more »

Theater Meeting 2/25

  02/25/20 15:58, by Joy
Scripts - Breakfast Club is not available West Side Story  John's scripts (John has scripts available for us to choose from)  Hannah- Can Write a Script Performance Dates April 3, 4, 5 May 1, 2, 3 - ideal May 29, 30, 31 -ideal Film Locations… more »
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Important Theatre Meeting!

  02/24/20 17:19, by Hannah
Sorry to spring this upon all of you so soon, but we will have a Theatre Meeting Tuesday (Feb 25) at Resource to talk about the Script and also about possible dates to have the performance (the dates that we wanted to have it wont workout). Need to… more »
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Spring Production

  02/17/20 17:35, by Hannah
Theatre people post summaries of plays you would like to see performed (see theatre blog for help) and read the other summaries on there. We will vote on plays this week. Meeting on Wednesday at Resouce to vote on the script. more »
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Spring Production Meeting Notes 2/12/20

  02/12/20 17:20, by Joy
What was discussed in the meeting  Voting for Producers Parent Volunteers Decided who wants to do what Practice Times (Evenings after sports)  Production Team (The people listed are interested in filling these roles, if you would like to help with any… more »

Change of plans

  02/10/20 19:13, by Hannah
Hey everyone, the theatre meeting will be moved from Tuesday and we will now be having it on Wednesday instead. There is a Junior meeting on Tues so many people will be gone that day so Wednesday will hopefully be a better day to meet. The Spring play… more »
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Spring Production Meeting

  02/09/20 20:53, by Hannah
Alright in hopes to hit the spring production right on the head a meeting will be held this Tuesday, Feb 11 to get people situated in theater roles and help people find the right places that fit them in the spring production this year. Whether that be… more »
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