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Alumni Mentors: Help with Fourth Quarter

  03/31/20 16:26, by Cassidy
Hello Laurelites, Some Laurel alumni got together (virtually) and pooled their resources and expertise into a document to assist in any and all classes. They're able to share resources to assist in curriculum planning, meeting virtually to discuss… more »

Video Chat w/Strangers Guidelines and group updates

  03/30/20 15:36, by Lynne
This was buried in the other post, so I've moved it to its own blog post and will continue to update the chat groups here each week. So here are the guidelines (updated to include community service and group chats):   You will be contacting the other… more »

Independent study evaluations and folder sheets

  03/30/20 10:20, by Lynne
Just a reminder:  Unit 6 ends Tuesday, March 31; please complete your evaluations by Friday, April 3. Unit 7 begins April 1; please complete your folder sheet by Monday, April 6. For details on filling out folder sheets, look for the previous post on… more »
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Fourth block, final quarter

  03/27/20 20:43, by Annabella
Okay, if anyone is interested in having a virtual class this coming quarter, please comment to this post! We could meet at an earlier time than regular fourth block while we are out of school, if that works for everyone. I think Cassidy and maybe John… more »

community service

  03/27/20 13:05, by Elisa
How are people getting community service--I was going to get most of mine this semester because of diversity day but because of the epidemic I am cancelling it. I don't know how to get community service because i'm stuck at home... Anyone have ideas? more »

block fourth quarter Next

  03/25/20 21:32, by Annabella
Hopefully my title worked. Is there any interest in having a group class next quarter during fourth block? I have some ideas of what it could be on, but I'm open to thoughts. I'm thinking something that could be done through discussion online. I will… more »

"Chat with a Stranger" and Laurel service hours

  03/25/20 16:16, by Lynne
Hi everyone! We all know about our entertaining (and often hilarious) Laurel "Lunch with Strangers" ice-breaker activity, which gives everyone a chance to visit with fellow students they may not know very well. Due to these these unusual times, I… more »

Independent Study folder sheets and evaluations

  03/23/20 07:56, by Lynne
Getting questions about folder sheets/evaluations for independent studies, so here's how we can proceed: If you have a blank folder sheet to work from, go ahead and make a plan for the next unit (Unit 7) on regular paper. You can then take a photo and… more »

Please accept the Google Invite to Join a Hangout Meeting

  03/23/20 06:48, by Lynne
Hi again! This is for those who havent' accepted the Google Hangout invitation sent last week (if you've accepted you can disregard this message except for the part about blogging). I'm sure your email Inbox is overflowing with messages right now, but… more »
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Blogging and meeting update

  03/20/20 08:58, by Lynne
Hi everyone! If you haven't seen an email from me about setting/confirming a meeting day and time, please check your Spam folder -- there are several students who haven't replied, and all of the "good" meeting times are filling up quickly. Those who… more »

Quarter 4: Prob & Stats

  03/17/20 15:19, by Anneka
Hey guys! I hope you are all having a very nice lllloooonnnngggg weekend. At the start of this semester we had discussed having a prob & stat class during 4th block for the 4th quarter of the year (I hope that makes sense). I made this post so that… more »

Independent Studies/Meetings/Blogging

  03/16/20 15:09, by Lynne
Hi Laurel students! I sent out an email to you and your parents earlier today with some initial plans for meetings and blogging. I will have more detailed information on Wednesday and will contact each of you individually to figure out the best way to… more »
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  03/16/20 15:08, by Hannah
Can I have the Spring Production writers contact info? Or can you email me at We need to talk about writing and if we are still doing the play production due to the long break from school. Thanks! more »
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Fourth Quarter Health

  03/16/20 14:18, by Ben
Hey guys, I think there was a plan to have a health class during fourth quarter. So far the people that I think are planning on taking it are Blake, Joy and Cammie. If you would like to be part of this class comment on this post.  The fourth quarter… more »


  03/16/20 12:18, by Cassidy
Good morning-   The VAS staff and Laurel staff have been meeting to work out plans for the next few weeks.  The goal is to continue with instruction to limit the educational disruption of COVID-19 as much as possible.  If we are able to keep students… more »
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School Closing on Wednesday the 18th?

  03/13/20 17:34, by Ena
I've just read this article that says that they are closing all schools on the 18th, and I wanted to know if this includes us? If so, will we go online or just make up the lost days later? The article is based around another school, but it says it meant… more »

Theatre people

  03/11/20 17:44, by Hannah
Theatre people check the Theater Page for info on what is happening with the Spring Production. Also, I apologize if anyone came for the auditions after school and couldn't find me. I left early because I wasn't feeling well and I had a mountain of… more »
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Fishing club

  03/09/20 15:03, by Severin
Hey everyone,  I went out fishing the other day and when I was fishing I remembered that we need to have a meeting for the fishing club. If you are interested I was thinking that we could go fishing pretty soon. I would just like to share what we would… more »


  03/08/20 20:23, by Hannah
Finally..... Auditions for spring play will be held in the Farside on Wednesday and Thursday after school. Anyone can audition- Since we are putting on a parody (I wasn't able to get the rights to edit the original WestSide to fit this play production,… more »

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