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Laurel Ski Trip??

  12/29/20 16:23, by Cammie
I know this is a little late of notice, but a few of us are planning a ski trip this weekend January 2nd or 3rd, not sure what day yet. If anyone is interested, let me or Joy know so we can get a group planned. Let me know ASAP! more »
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The Twelve Days of Blogging

  12/22/20 11:41, by Lynne
For those who might need to boost their blogging percentage, here is a great (and maybe even fun) opportunity. While you are not required to blog over the holiday break, you may choose to do so on as many days as you like. If you do any school work at… more »
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Holiday Chat with Strangers

  12/21/20 07:21, by Lynne
Hello and happy holidays!  Here are the chat groups for this week (or next, if scheduling is an issue this week). Not only are the groups a little larger, the chat "window" is a little wider. So any chats that occur between Dec. 21 and Jan. 3 will be… more »
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Tuesday, December 22nd: Alumni Day Activity Schedule

  12/18/20 14:21, by Cassidy
Tuesday, December 22nd: Alumni Day It is a Laurel tradition for students to spend the last day before Winter Break playing games, bonding and catching up with each other and with past Laurel students. This year, activities have been designed for both… more »
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Video Chat with Strangers for Dec. 14-18

  12/14/20 07:44, by Lynne
This week and next will be a little different, with slightly larger chat groups. It's never too late to join in the fun (and earn Laurel service). If you are unsure how this works, read the guidelines below. If you aren't already participating but would… more »
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  12/13/20 16:53, by Annabella
Hello! If you want to be included in Secret Snowflake this year you must comment either to this post or to the one before it (with the bright blue highlights) by Monday (tomorrow). We are going to mix up the names tonight, and you will be contacted… more »

Secret Snowflake Details

  12/11/20 15:47, by Fiona
SECRET SNOWFLAKE PLAN PLEASE COMMENT  If we get 8 people to agree to participate in Secret Snowflake by responding to this post by saturday night we will do Secret Snowflake!!  Everyone must have their names in by Sunday night if they want to… more »

Secret Snowflake Interest

  12/10/20 19:16, by Annabella
Hi! Is anyone interested in doing a slightly different version of secret snowflake this year? We would probably only have one or two organized gift giving days, and if people were unable to come into the school but would still like to participate, they… more »

Attention: Independent Study deadlines

  12/10/20 15:43, by Lynne
Hello, all of you lovely Independent Studies students! This is to remind you that your Unit 3 Folder Sheet evaluations (number-ranked evaluation/Completed Work) are due Monday.  Your Unit 4 folder sheets are due Wednesday.  Be sure to sign/date both the… more »
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Next Semster

  12/09/20 12:04, by Ben
Does anyone have any ideas for classes they would maybe want to see happen next semester? We could maybe get some comments going to centralize ideas because I don't know if there are any other places people are brainstorming classes for next semester. more »

Last Chance!

  12/07/20 15:24, by Cassidy
We'd love to have a few more people fill out the December Survey! All answers will remain anonymous in the newsletter, the name at the end is only important if anyone has ideas for the last day before break. Thanks everyone! more »
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Video Chat with Strangers for Dec. 7-11

  12/07/20 07:31, by Lynne
Even though we are back to the hybrid attendance schedule, you can still participate in this fun activity and earn Laurel service for doing so. If you are unsure how this works, read the guidelines below. If you aren't already participating, it's never… more »
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Laurel Newsletter Survey!

  12/03/20 15:15, by Cassidy
Hello everyone! It would be great if you could fill out the December survey (very short, only three questions).  If anyone has ideas for Alumni Day (last day before break) and/or would like to lead an activity on this day, please email Cassidy at… more »
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