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Next Year

  01/29/21 16:54, by Ben
Sorry, this is totally random, but I was planning next year's classes and I thought a Laurel group class on "Negotiations" might be fun as a half-credit if that is something you guys would be interested in. I know this is too early to have a set plan,… more »
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Laurel Cabaret

  01/29/21 15:33, by Joy
Laurel Cabaret! The Laurel Cabaret is traditionally a compilation of various skits that are written/directed/acted by all grades in Laurel. It has recently been performed at the Elementary School Cafetorium. Typically there have been two producers, one… more »
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Chat with Strangers

  01/26/21 09:21, by Cassidy
A reminder that weekly Chat with Strangers postings will now take place on the new Laurel Service page. Check it out! more »
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1st Day of 2nd Semester: Meetings

  01/25/21 08:56, by Cassidy
  First Block Anyone interested in Math 1st block, John will be having a Zoom meeting at 8:15am. Math Zoom Link Anyone interested in World History 1st block, Renee will be having the first class at 8:30am. Check your email for more details before class.… more »
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Deadlines for independent study docs

  01/18/21 10:18, by Lynne
A gentle reminder about deadlines:  1. Unit folder sheets Be sure to complete your Unit 4 folder sheet number-ranked evaluations and Completed Work and turn in to me no later than Friday, Jan. 22. This deadline is firm; please respect it. Forms turned… more »
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Video Chat with Strangers for Jan. 18-22

  01/18/21 08:06, by Lynne
Here are this week's groups for the week of Jan. 18-22:  Ben Aiden Anna Lotus Ethan Jasper Ambrosia Kate Ena Jack Fiona Sylvi Moriah Miles Cadence Sophia Lani Fritz Sam Anneka Flynn    A reminder of the guidelines: Each group is responsible for… more »
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French Revolution Class?

  01/16/21 20:10, by Annabella
Hi! Would anyone be interested in a French Revolution class next semester for a half credit? I was thinking we could combine readings, art history (discussion and writing), and music history as the curriculum, but I am open to ideas! If there was… more »
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Health class for second semester

  01/14/21 14:37, by Lynne
I'm happy to facilitate a Health class next semester during 3A and/or 3B, depending on student availability. This is open to any Laurel student in any grade who hasn't already fulfilled their Health requirement. Please let me know by next Thursday (Jan.… more »

Video Chat with Strangers for Jan. 11-15

  01/11/21 08:18, by Lynne
Here are this week's groups for the week of Jan. 11-15:  Ben Jasper Fiona Sylvi Cadence Ethan Fritz Sophia Lani Jack Sam Ambrosia Moriah Miles Flynn Anna Kate Aiden Ena Anneka Lotus     A reminder of the guidelines: Each group is responsible for… more »
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Spring 2021 Semester Planning

  01/05/21 12:46, by Cassidy
Second semester is coming up quickly, and it's time to start brainstorming and pre-planning second semester schedules. By this Friday, January 8th, all students (including freshmen) should fill out this Planning Survey. This will help facilitators gauge… more »
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Independent Studies semester-end responsibilities

  01/05/21 11:19, by Lynne
Hello, all independent study students! What a wonderfully challenging semester this was, eh? And yet you rose to the occasion and made it work -- good job, everyone! Here are some semester-end things to keep in mind: 1. Unit folder sheets Be sure to… more »
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Video Chat with Strangers for the week of Jan. 4-8

  01/04/21 08:03, by Lynne
Happy 2021 Laurelites! Here's hoping your holidays were restful, enjoyable and safe.  Here are this week's groups:   Ben Fritz Ena Flynn Ethan Ambrosia Cadence Lotus Moriah Jack Jasper Lani Sophia Anna Miles Kate Sylvi Anneka Sam Aiden Fiona   A… more »
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