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Civics Club

  01/21/20 12:42, by Elisa

Hey all! I am starting a Civics Club through the school. I was wondering if any of you were interested in being part of it, all the details have yet to be worked out (like when we would meet, how often, etc), but before I do I want to see if there is interest from Laurel people. 


BELOW--club proposal to the school staff so it could get approved, you can read it if you are interested in learning why a civics club is beneficial/what it would entail. 


Civic engagement in communities is critical for youth, especially with the presidential election that is happening in 2020.

By participating in civic engagement, youth are able to make informed decisions and educated opinions. A civics club for youth would allow the sharing of information and open discussions of topics that concern them . The more youth learn of civic action and engagement, the more they learn of the impact government has on its citizens every day. 

According to the ICMA (International City/County Management Association), Leaders at the Core of Better Communities, there are many benefits to civic engagement, including, and not limited to; developing better and more creative ideas and solutions; implementing ideas, programs, and policies faster and more easily; creating involved citizens instead of demanding customers, and building community within a city.  

In January 2012, the U.S. Department of Education issued Advancing Civic Learning and Engagement in Democracy, which includes nine steps to enhance the department’s  commitment to civic learning and engagement in government and politics. Some of these steps include

・Convene and catalyze schools and post-secondary institutions to increase and enhance high-quality civic learning and engagement, 

・Identify promising practices in civic learning and democratic engagement—and encourage further research to learn what works, 

・Support civic learning for a well-rounded K–12 curriculum, and 

・Highlight and promote student and family participation in education programs and policies at the federal and local levels.

Having a Civics Club at Viroqua High School would involve meeting once or twice  a month to learn about and discuss civic activities that club members are interested in and/or care about (i.e. climate change, LGBTQA+, school safety, presidential candidates, local government policies, etc.). It would also include having elected officials, community members, students, and school staff gathering to discuss local and larger government issues. With the goal of youth involvement, club members would go on to volunteer at the food pantry, go to local government meetings, go door to door assisting individuals register to vote, organize conversation, and participate in other civic duties. 



Library Program - Learn Java Script

  01/14/20 18:22, by EthanK

Hey everyone, there is a program at the library being taught by one of MOSA's programmers. He will be teaching Java script, a web based scripting language, every thursday from 5:30 - 7:00 from february 6 to march 26. The requirements listed are over 15 in age, and ready to get technical. Go to the front desk at the library and tell them you want to sign up if this interests you. As of yesterday, I am the only one who signed up so yeah. join if this is your thing.

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Holiday blogging

  12/20/19 09:18, by Lynne

Happy holidays, everyone!

As you may already know, you are not required to blog on days that school is officially not in session. This means you can enjoy your break and not feel pressured to blog everyday.

Having said that, those who haven't been blogging regularly (their percentage is 80 percent or lower), the break is a perfect opportunity to catch up and perhaps get ahead. For those who are already meeting their 80 percent (or higher), it's a great way to accumulate a little "bank" in case there are days you can't do a blog post.

Regarding Friday, Dec. 20 (aka Alumni Day). Technically it is a school day (and blogging would be expected), but because no Laurel classes actually happened, you won't be required to blog. However, it is considered a "bonus" day if you do blog.

Thank you for a great first semester! Let's all come back in 2020 to an even more amazing second semester. Have a safe, fun and happy holiday!

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Secret Snowflake!

  12/11/19 16:08, by Fiona

We are starting THIS FRIDAY, the last day and guessing will be next Thursday during resource.

-Gifts can be homemade or under 5$

-Last day limit of 10$ or homemade

-If you don't want the person to find you put the gifts on Renee's desk with their name and she will give it to them for you!! She loves to do this!

Don't forget!!!! Also if you put your name in but didnt draw please come to me asap and I'll give you your person.

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Alumni day

  12/10/19 16:06, by

Please sign up to bring food for the alumni on December 20th. We want them to have a great day with a lot of food!

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