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  02/20/21 14:48, by John

Link attached to a full practice test PDF

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  02/15/21 17:27, by Joy


Cabaret meetings are happening on Wednesdays! Comment or ask Cassidy if you would like the link to the meetings!


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Cabaret: Writing and Updates

  02/10/21 13:11, by Annabella


Do you have an idea you think would be great for the Cabaret? Do you have a script you've already written from a past time you would like to see in the Cabaret? Do you know of a script/story that has been already created by someone else? Are you motivated to write a script by the end of February? If any of these are the case, please email me at by the end of the day Friday 2/12 with your idea or script. After you contact me, I will add you to the Cabaret Writing chat, which is a small group that meets Wednesdays to discuss and plan the Cabaret, and we will go from there.

Our Cabaret will be entirely virtual this year. This includes recorded zoom skits and filmed skits, which will all be compiled into one film.
February: All scripts will be written and finalized by the end of February. There is some flexibility, but everything must be written by March.
March: We will be advertising for casting and directing the first week of March, and rehearsals will begin as soon as casting and directing are decided.

Thank you for reading and please consider writing! Past Cabarets have included everything from short comedy sketches, musical performances, serious scenes, and strange monologues, so everything is welcome!

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Video Chat with Strangers announcement

  02/03/21 13:58, by Lynne

Hi everyone! Whether you already participate in Video Chat with Strangers or would like to, please see the guidelines and weekly group listings on the Laurel Service page. If you would like to be added to the group (or removed from the group), please let me know. There has been very little activity (actually almost none) since the start of the second semester, so I'm wondering if people aren't finding the announcements. Anyway.... they are now on the Laurel Service page. Hope to read about some video chats soon!

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Meetings this Week

  02/01/21 14:01, by Cassidy

There will be two meetings this Wednesday, February 3rd:


1) Personal Finance

Anyone interested in joining with a group this semester for Personal Finance, there will be a general meeting at 11:00am on Wednesday to discuss the class and decide meeting day(s) and times for the semester. 

Personal Finance Zoom Link

2) Cabaret

Anyone interested in being a part of the Spring Cabaret, check out the previous post and complete the linked survey. There will be a general meeting at 12:30pm on Wednesday to touch base with those who are interested in being involved in any capacity.

Cabaret Zoom Link


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