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Cabaret times

  12/06/19 12:26, by Elisa

Hi all, just in case anyone is confused,

The show times are 7pm for Fri and Sat (doors open at 6.30pm) and Sunday show time is 2pm (doors open at 1.30).

People participating in Cabaret today be there at 4pm and 5 on Sat (2 hours before show time), on Sunday be there around 12, we will have to clean up after ward, so please be aware of that. 

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cabaret refreshments

  12/05/19 12:48, by Elisa

please sign up for cabaret refreshments (it counts as laurel service--you all need it)

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Cabaret Songs

  12/03/19 22:36, by Joy


If your skit has a song that needs to be played over the speakers please send them to me. A YouTube video or Spotify link would work. I also need to know these things:

Song Title:



Arranged by: (mostly for instrumental)



events of Order

  12/03/19 22:24, by Elisa

Official order of events for the cabaret:


Sister song

Amy and Judy camping

Did you say something

Girls just wanna have fun

Car ride

Bake off

Cello duet 

Christmas script



Amy and Judy George swo

Cello (more serious one)

Dance duet

I wanna break free

Graduation acceptance speech

Teenage dirtbag



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pictures at resource

  12/03/19 12:17, by Elisa

If you are not on this list and you are involved with the cabaret, please comment below (also make sure your name is spelled correctly).


Elisa Dubey

Ellie Kane

Arianna Pratt

Joy Hubbard

Cammie Leer

Anneka Cress

Ben Kane

Jack Cizer

Ethan Kangas

Celeste Talhammer

Belle Kane

Cedella Hagedorn

Chayton Borman

Blake Peterson

Nolan Peterson 

Hannah Stahm

Anna Dlugi

Fiona Trucks

Isaac Porter

Caitlin Fox

Moriah Cress

Rowan Heath

Flynn Lemaire

Emma Zimmermann

Ethan Zimmermann

Sylvi Shonka



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