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  10/24/19 16:10, by Arianna

Hi everyone. This has been said throughout the day but I thought I would put it somewhere permanent. If you are writing for the cabaret, please please please get it to me or Elisa as soon as possible. The deadline is Wednesday, October 30th. We need these to get them approved so it will take time. 

If writing is not what you like to do, that is okay. You can act, direct, sing, or dance. Other ideas? Still let us know but we are open to anything. Keep in mind we still need your name if you are doing a song or dance.

Also, if you would like to design the poster for the cabaret, please comment or post below. This needs to be done by November 12th.

 Lastly, please congratulate our Emcees Ellie and Cedella! 


Comment from: [Member]

We could also use help with lights, props, costumes, or other behind the scenes tasks if you would like to contribute that way.

10/24/19 @ 16:47
Comment from: [Member]

I will do the poster

thank you for this Arianna

10/27/19 @ 14:46

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