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  03/25/20 21:32, by Annabella

Hopefully my title worked.

Is there any interest in having a group class next quarter during fourth block? I have some ideas of what it could be on, but I'm open to thoughts. I'm thinking something that could be done through discussion online. I will comment my specific ideas later once I have them (I gotta reference my list first:)).

I know there are some other classes going on, so I am not sure if we would be independent or facilitated yet. John and Cassidy? What is your availability during fourth block? Maybe we could meet at an earlier time, depending on people's schedules.

Please comment if you have interest in doing something and what that something is! Thanks!


Comment from: [Member]

I am interested!

03/25/20 @ 23:10
Comment from: [Member]

I have a commitment to a two person (so far) Probability and Statistics class which will be flexible.

Let me know what is being planned and I can join in as you want/need


03/26/20 @ 07:28
Comment from: [Member]

I’m available fourth block! Excited to hear your ideas.

03/26/20 @ 07:51
Comment from: [Member]

Okay, great!

I am going to type up some thoughts of classes that I have thought about doing, and what they could entail, but I am very open to suggestions and ideas. Also, this is open to anyone, it would be great to have a big group!

- sociology - this is very broad, we would need to narrow it down - could talk about ethics, philosophers, social movements, age, race, culture, nationality, fashion, psychology

- film (I know there is already a film class going on) watch films and discuss and create short films and edit

- geology: learn about the earth, oceanology, climatology, marine biology, anything “logy” I think as far as how we would learn this, we could get some sort of curriculum to follow, like a book or online source, and then research and present to eachother online.

- anatomy class: also probably follow some sort of curriculum, and learn about all the systems, I know I particularly would like to focus on bones and muscles, but we could go into depth on others as well. Also research and present format I am thinking

- law and order (just kidding!)
study the law and courthouse, we could get into criminal justice, and also detective knowledge and processes, also have fake court cases where we act as jury (virtual)

- art history: look at art from throughout history from around the world, and discuss it (artistry and historical context)
- comedy writing: lots of writing, loose prompts, share with class, and discuss editing ideas, directors ideas, how to cast and how to film, or if for journalism, how to edit for that

Obviously, I am all over the board, and any ideas would be appreciated! Depending on who is interested, and in what, hopefully we can make a group class!

Thank you! Please respond to this!

03/27/20 @ 20:37

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