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Blogging and meeting update

  03/20/20 08:58, by Lynne

Hi everyone!

If you haven't seen an email from me about setting/confirming a meeting day and time, please check your Spam folder -- there are several students who haven't replied, and all of the "good" meeting times are filling up quickly. Those who wait too long may have to have an 8 am meeting .... and who wants that, right? :)

Also, now that we are establishing a routine of sorts, it's more important than ever to blog daily about your classes, even if they all are VHS classes. Having written documentation may be necessary to prevent us from having school during the summer. (And who wants that, right?)

Finally, writing a summary of the meetings you have with me also is extremely important -- again, documentation --  so please remember to do this.

I hope everyone is doing OK -- I miss you! Be safe!



Comment from: [Member]

Will this affect make-up blogging at all? Can we still do that as usual or does that go into school day hours?

03/21/20 @ 00:19
Comment from: [Member]

The regular blogging guidelnes apply. If it’s a school day and you did school work, you should blog. If you miss a day of blogging during the school week but do homework on a weekend day, blog about it and it counts toward your blogging percentage for Laurel purposes. Blogging about your schoolwork in general counts toward documentation, and this to help us avoid making up the school days this summer. And to emphasize, be as specific about your studies as possible (instead of “Today I worked on Spanish and math,” write “Today I practice conjugating verbs in Spanish and learned vocabulary about travel” or “I finished two lessons in Rosetta Stone and worked on my “About Me” paper” and “Today in math, I learned about PEMDAS and did 10 practice equations.”

03/23/20 @ 06:40

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