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  11/25/18 14:36, by Elisa

Hello laurel theater people, 

We apologize for the confusion with the cabaret practice schedule, we have been having difficulty with communicating with the underground owner. We hope that we will figure out soon if we are even able to use the space. Please stay with us as we figure this out. Thank you all so much. 
We might have to cancel some practices that we planned to have at the underground, we will be looking into the ark and the landmark center. So sorry. 
please keep on practicing and doing the great work!
the cabaret produces, 
Ellie Kane and Elisa Dubey

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Comment from: [Member]

Thank you so much guys for keeping us informed!! You’re doing such an awesome job on communication and I really appreciate that!!! It helps so much!

11/26/18 @ 22:16

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