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cabaret decorating!

  12/03/18 08:50, by Eleanor

Hello! If anyone has good holiday decorations that we could use this weekend for the cabaret, could you please tell Elisa or Ellie. :)

Also we may need lots and lots of help setting up the cafetorium after school on friday. I know technically people dont need to be there until later, but if you can stay after school to set up room dividers, curtains, etc., that would be so appreciated!

Also reminder that YOU MUST BE AT PRACTICE EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. Practices are later, so sports shouldnt get in the way. HOWEVER, if something is in the way please tell us. 

I know some lines are still rough. Please take the time out of your resources and lunches to practice

Are people interested in being stage hands and ushers? If you are please tell Elisa or Ellie. (psssstttt, you get laurel service hours)

Dress rehearsal is THURSDAY.

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