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Festival of Nations

  02/27/18 09:24, by Heron

You should have gotten an email from Renee about this great event.

Festival of Nations (http://www.festivalofnations.com/) held in St. Paul is an event that showcases the culture, items, music, dances, and people that make up a nation. Traditionally, Laurel has gone to this Festival every two years. We are due to go this year.

On Thursday, I will hold a short meeting going a bit more in depth about the event. I will ask only one thing: can you go? Laurel as a whole needs to go as the school won't pay for a substitute for a field trip. The cost is $45, but you should bring more money as there are many things to buy there. Please, please, please, talk to your parents and find if you can go. Thanks! :)

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