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Holiday blogging

  12/20/19 09:18, by Lynne

Happy holidays, everyone!

As you may already know, you are not required to blog on days that school is officially not in session. This means you can enjoy your break and not feel pressured to blog everyday.

Having said that, those who haven't been blogging regularly (their percentage is 80 percent or lower), the break is a perfect opportunity to catch up and perhaps get ahead. For those who are already meeting their 80 percent (or higher), it's a great way to accumulate a little "bank" in case there are days you can't do a blog post.

Regarding Friday, Dec. 20 (aka Alumni Day). Technically it is a school day (and blogging would be expected), but because no Laurel classes actually happened, you won't be required to blog. However, it is considered a "bonus" day if you do blog.

Thank you for a great first semester! Let's all come back in 2020 to an even more amazing second semester. Have a safe, fun and happy holiday!

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