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  01/09/13 01:20, by Rose

Hello fine folk,


I am inquiring again as to interest in the Contemporary Global Issues class which will be taking place second semester during 1st block. I highly recommend this course, it was incredibly changing for me as a student and also as a person.

I was planning on having a meeting during Resource on Monday regarding the actualy syllabus of the class, but as it turned out I was sick. Fritz will take the lead on further discussion about minimum requirements during the time that I am gone, and when I get back (feb 10th), we will actually start meeting with Zuber Ali, and ethiopian man who lives in our community and has been an incredibly influence on me. 

We will meet with Fritz ever Tuesday and with both Fritz an Zuber every Friday. During much of this time, we will discuss current events and sociocultural practices that intrigue,  horrify, and surprise you. 

Please comment on this post if you are even mildly interested in taking the course, and I will answer any questions you might have as best as I can. I will not have internet access during my time in India, but a month will go fast and it is heardly two weeks after 1st semester ends. In the mean time, if you have questions about how we ran the course before, talk to Grace who was also a part of that class. 


Take care!


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