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Memo from Lynne re: blogging, meetings and end-of-unit deadlines

  11/23/20 08:02, by Lynne

Greetings, Laurelites! As we prepare for the long holiday weekend, here are some things to keep in mind.

Blogging: While you are not required to blog on non-school days, if you did any kind of schoolwork over the long weekend, blog on that day and it counts toward your requirement. This is especially helpful for those who have fallen a bit behind and need the extra days to get their percentage where it should be.

This week's meetings with me: Since you only have school Monday and Tuesday, those are the only two days I'll be meeting with students regularly scheduled for those days. For those with meetings scheduled for Wednesday through Friday, let's plan to meet at our regular time next week. Of course, if anything comes up before then, let me know. I'll be checking email on school days and will try to get back to you right away.

End-of-unit deadlines for those doing independent studies: Unit 3 ends Wednesday, Dec. 9. I would like to have your Unit 3 folder sheet (number-ranked evaluations and Completed Work sections) and the Unit 3 self-evaluations  turned in no later than Monday, Dec. 14, and your Unit 4 folder sheets turned in by Wednesday, Dec. 16. Meeting these deadlines is crucial: The sooner we can get these finished, the less time we spend with back-and-forth communication, email reminders, etc. Please honor these deadlines so we all will be happy campers :) Also, since it's the last unit (which means the last four weeks before the semester ends), include on your Unit 4 folder sheets all of the work you plan to accomplish for your independent study. This is especially important for foreign-language students who have Rosetta Stone deadlines and Laurel language standards to complete. Plan your time accordingly so you can finish the first semester successfully.

Google Doc folder sheets and self-evaluations: I will be sending you a self-evaluation for Unit 3 and folder sheet for Unit 4 for each of your independent studies. (You should already have access to your Unit 3 folder sheets to complete the number-ranked evals and Completed Work). Please DO NOT change the Google Docs I send you. Do not change the title. Do not copy/paste from a previous doc and create a new one on your own. PLEASE just fill out the sheets I send you, and as a courtesy, add a comment on the Doc saying it's finished. Also, remember to sign and date each doc that has a space at the bottom for it. Thank you for your cooperation -- it makes everyone's lives more peaceful.

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