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  12/03/18 14:52, by Elisa

Almost, Maine (part 1/3) Directed by: Kylie Krahn and Karin Ott Cast: Ben Kane, Anna Dlugi

Small Towns Directed by: Sadie Knutson and Anna Dlugi Cast: Fiona Trucks, Hannah Stamm, Maiela Leinberger, Isaac Porter, Ellie Kane, Anneka Cress, Cayleigh Smith, Ben Kane, Kylie Krahn

2001 Space Odyssey; Kazoo Quintet Directed by: Kylie Krahn Cast: Blake Peterson, Nolan Peterson, Emery Deutsch, Joy Hubbard, Cammie Leer, Anneka Cress

Dinner for Two Directed and written by: Cedella Hagedorn and Dylan Katieb Cast: Cammie Leer, Kylie Krahn, Ben Kane, Sadie Knutson

She's too Groovy (original song) Lucy Boisvert

The Gift of the Magi Directed by: Kylie Krahn and Dylan Katieb Cast: Cedella Hagedorn, Ansel Brenneman, Fiona Trucks, Kylie Krahn, Ellie Kane

Amy and Judy Talk Show (part 1/2) Directed and written by: Fiona Trucks and Anna Dlugi Cast: Anna Dlugi, Fiona Trucks, Cammie Leer, Ansel Brenneman, Sadie Knuston, Rowan Heath Piano Kylie Krahn

Peanuts Directed and written by: Lucy Boisvert Cast: Ansel Brenneman, Juniper Lemaire Intermission

Almost, Maine (part 2/3)

Stray Cat Strut Directed by: Kylie Krahn Cast: Isaac Porter, Blake Peterson, Nolan Peterson, Rowan Heath, Ansel Brenneman, Anneka Cress, Elisa Dubey, Anna Dlugi, Emery Deutsch

Africa Recorder Solo Kylie Krahn

Amy and Judy Talk Show (part 2/2)

Sis Directed by: Ellie Kane Cast: Lucy Boisvert, Ellie Kane

Modest Maia (original song) Lucy Boisvert

Capra Directed and written by: Lucy Boisvert Cast: Cayleigh Smith, Ellie Kane Almost, Maine (part 3/3)


Comment from: [Member]

“Almost, Maine” is correct, thank you!

12/03/18 @ 15:00
Comment from: [Member]

You forgot Kylie’s play “Gift of the Magi”

Cast is: Cedella, Ansel, Ellie, and Kylie I believe that is all

12/03/18 @ 17:07
Comment from: [Member]

Switch space oddyssy and dinner for two

12/03/18 @ 17:51
Comment from: [Member]

Ellie is in Stray Cat Strut. Thanks!

12/03/18 @ 22:11

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