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Spring Production Meeting

  02/09/20 20:53, by Hannah

Alright in hopes to hit the spring production right on the head a meeting will be held this Tuesday, Feb 11 to get people situated in theater roles and help people find the right places that fit them in the spring production this year. Whether that be helping out with costumes, working the lights, or even directing the play, this meeting will help you find where you best fit into this years play production.

What: Spring Production Theatre meeting
When: Tuesday, Feb 11
Where: far side
Time: Resource
Why: For the Love of Theatre

Possible roles...
Assistant Producer??? (I think that Ari was going to fill this role as long as there is no other interest in this position. Otherwise we will vote on who gets this role)
Writers or someone to find a play off the internet
Directors and Assistant Director
Stage Crew
Costumes & Props

Once we find out who is directing we will have auditions for possible actors and we will finalize the rehearsal schedule soon after.

If you will be unable to make it to this meeting talk to me before hand (I will not be at school on Monday FYI) or email me at: hbs4creativity@gmail.com

Thanks for your attention and have a wonderful day!

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