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Spring Production Meeting Notes 2/12/20

  02/12/20 17:20, by Joy

What was discussed in the meeting 

  • Voting for Producers
  • Parent Volunteers
  • Decided who wants to do what
  • Practice Times (Evenings after sports) 

Production Team (The people listed are interested in filling these roles, if you would like to help with any of these roles please comment) 

  • Producer - Hannah 
  • Assistant Producer - Anna, Ari,
  • Director and Assistant Director - Cedella, Moriah, Cammie  
  • Light Crew -  Joy, Chayton, Ethan K
  • Stage Crew - Cedella, Emma Z
  • Costumes/Props - Tanwyn 
  • Makeup - Ellie, Cedella 
  • Poster - Ellie 

Play ideas 

  • Breakfast Club-Teens 1905
  • Pride and  Prejudice
  • High School Musical 
  • 10th Inning 
  • Singing in the Rain
  • Westside Story 

Possible Performance Dates

  • 4/17 - 4/19

Places to Perform 

  • Elementary Cafetorium
  • Commons/Ark
  • Landmark Center 

Please comment on:

  1. Your vote or ideas on Play options. There will be summaries and pros/cons about the ideas on the theater page. 
  2. You want to fill one of the roles above 
  3. anything you have to offer! 



Comment from: [Member]

I apologize that I wasn’t able to come to the meeting today I had some preparation for a meeting with Renee I had to do. I would absolutely love to be a part of any production in any way that is needed. I would prefer to act but I am up for anything. I would love to do any of the play options that have been listed but I would particularly like to do West Side Story, Singing in the Rain, or the Breakfast Club. Please let me know if there is any way that I can help with any production.

Also I was wondering if there are assigned people who are writing summaries on specific plays or can anyone just write a summary about the play and what would be needed?

Also are those the only possible performance dates available?

02/12/20 @ 22:38
Comment from: [Member]

Anyone can post about play script ideas.

02/13/20 @ 09:03
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks so much for taking all of these notes joy!!!

02/13/20 @ 15:35
Comment from: [Member]

I would like to act, and maybe direct/produce.

02/13/20 @ 15:54
Comment from: [Member]

I may want to be assistant director, but I am not sure what my schedule looks like yet

02/13/20 @ 16:01
Comment from: [Member]

thanks Jack for the summery on the theatre page!

02/13/20 @ 21:33

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