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Unit 2 and Unit 3 deadlines for independent studies

  11/02/20 09:12, by Lynne

Good morning everyone! This message is for those who are doing one or more independent studies. Unit 2 ends tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 3, and Unit 3 begins Wednesday, Nov. 4. (You'll notice these dates don't align with the VHS quarter mark and may not align with your other Laurel facilitated classes. Be sure to follow the guidelines for any VHS or Laurel facilitated class you may have).

You'll want to check your Unit 2 folder sheets to be sure you have completed the work you planned to do for the unit. Your Unit 2 folder sheets are due to Lynne by Friday, Nov. 6. This includes the number-ranked Evaluation and Completed Work sections, as well as the Unit Self-Evaluation, which you sign and date. Please remember to complete both documents!
Unit 3 folder sheets are due to me by Tuesday, Nov. 10. Be sure to include the number-ranked Expectations, your Plan for the unit, your Specifics, and your signature/date.
I have sent each of you two Google docs: a Self-Eval for Unit 2 and a folder sheet(s) for Unit 3 for each of your studies. Please use these Google Docs in place of (or in addition to) the paper folder sheets.
Please honor the above deadlines; they are not suggestions. One of the required activities for your independent study IS your folder sheet, and that means completing them by their due dates. We are starting the second quarter of the semester, so by now completing the folder sheets should be a routine part of your study and not an afterthought. Part of being a Laurel student, and especially one who is doing an independent study, is accepting responsibility for the work you do. Thank you for fulfilling this part of your study requirements. If you have any questions at all about the folder sheets or evaluation sheets, please ask for clarification.
Thank you!

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