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Upcoming Meetings

  09/18/16 19:16, by Cassidy

Laurel Students --

We're off to an exciting start to the new year! I have very
much enjoyed myself working with you individually, sitting
in on your classes, and generally getting to know you all.

In mid-October Renee, Fritz, and John will spend two days
holding scheduled meetings with each Laurel student to
check-in on first semester progress. In preparation for those 6
week meetings with Renee, Fritz, and John, my job is to meet
with each of you AT LEAST TWICE.

I envision my meetings with you will include going over
standards/benchmarks, answering questions, refining goals,
and preparing your Laurel folders. Your meetings with me are
solely a resource to you; it is my job (and my aim) to
provide the support you need as you take on the process of
defining, planning, and accounting for your Laurel classes
and studies. I know (and remember) full well what difficult
-- and important -- work you are doing and the extra
responsibilities you have taken on as Laurel students and I
am ready to help.

I will use next week to plan a format so that my meetings
with you are focused, efficient, and useful to you.
Beginning next week, I will meet with any volunteers who
would like to start the ball rolling. I will not only meet
with these volunteers but pick their brains on what they
feel would be a good use of time for the meeting.

I will have a sign up sheet available Monday morning for
anybody who would like to help with this process . Please
volunteer and bring your ideas. (Freshmen! Volunteer! Your
opinion is most important in making these meetings a

Thanks in advance; I appreciate your help.


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