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Video Chat with Strangers Oct. 5-9

  10/05/20 08:12, by Lynne

Here are the video chat groups for the week of Oct. 5-9. Keep in mind:

You will be coordinating with your group members about when to have your chat. The chat should occur this week. If one person in your group is unable to chat this week (or does not respond to the scheduling request), go ahead and chat with the other person in your group. Just be sure to make every honest attempt to connect with your group members. 

You also are responsible for keeping a log of Laurel service hours, so be sure to include these chats on that log. Include date, those you chatted with, and how long the chat lasted.

In order to earn Laurel service, the chat must be at least 15 minutes long (but can be longer, counted in 15 minute increments). You also must mention in your blog that day that you had the chat, who you chatted with, and how long the chat lasted. Failure to mention these things mean it won't count toward Laurel service.

Finally, if your group would like to chat more than once during the week, that's awesome. Just be sure to mention this in your blog post each time a chat occurs.

This week's groups are:

Ben, Belle, Jack

Ethan, Ena, Moriah

Miles, Fiona, Sam, Kate

Fritz, Lotus, Ambrosia

Jasper, Anneka, Dexton

Aiden, Cammie, Cadence

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