Next Year

  01/29/21 16:54, by Ben

Sorry, this is totally random, but I was planning next year's classes and I thought a Laurel group class on "Negotiations" might be fun as a half-credit if that is something you guys would be interested in. I know this is too early to have a set plan, but comment if you have some interest!

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Laurel Cabaret

  01/29/21 15:33, by Joy

Laurel Cabaret!

The Laurel Cabaret is traditionally a compilation of various skits that are written/directed/acted by all grades in Laurel. It has recently been performed at the Elementary School Cafetorium. Typically there have been two producers, one senior and one underclassman who is willing to take over the next year. Typically the spring play happens between the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May.


This year we will have a virtual cabaret! Featuring but not limited to: zoom skits, video productions, submitted filmed in-person skits, music performances, etc. There will be more pre-written skit options this year and John is willing to write you a skit as well. 


All in-person skits need to follow Covid precautions. 


Writing and directing count as Laurel Service (not acting).


If you are even slightly interested please take this survey!



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Chat with Strangers

  01/26/21 09:21, by Cassidy

A reminder that weekly Chat with Strangers postings will now take place on the new Laurel Service page. Check it out!

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1st Day of 2nd Semester: Meetings

  01/25/21 08:56, by Cassidy


First Block

Anyone interested in Math 1st block, John will be having a Zoom meeting at 8:15am.

Math Zoom Link

Anyone interested in World History 1st block, Renee will be having the first class at 8:30am. Check your email for more details before class.

World History Zoom Link

Second Block

Anyone interested in English 2nd block, Cassidy will be having the first class at 9:45am.

English Zoom Link


Anyone interested in Health 3A, Lynne will be having the first class at the beginning of the block. Check your email for more details and the Google Meet Link.


Anyone interested in Health 3B, Lynne will be having the first class at the beginning of the block. Check your email for more details and the Google Meet Link.

Fourth Block

Anyone interested in Film Studies (full or half credit), Cassidy will be having the first class at 1:15pm.

Film Zoom Link

Anyone interested in ASL, Cassidy will be having a check-in meeting at 2:00pm.

ASL Zoom Link


Personal Finance

Anyone interested in Personal Finance this semester, check the Personal Finance page and comment on the most recent post.



Anyone taking part in Chat with Strangers, check the new 'Laurel Service' page!

**If there are any issues joining classes or any general questions, message Cassidy on Hangouts or email her

**Remember to be checking your email and the blog regularly for updates


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Deadlines for independent study docs

  01/18/21 10:18, by Lynne

A gentle reminder about deadlines: 

1. Unit folder sheets

Be sure to complete your Unit 4 folder sheet number-ranked evaluations and Completed Work and turn in to me no later than Friday, Jan. 22. This deadline is firm; please respect it. Forms turned in after Jan. 22 will not be approved. Look over folder sheets for previous units and make sure all areas are completed and the form has been signed by you and by me. Review the Plan/Specifics/Completed Work for each unit and print all supporting documents to show the work you accomplished for the semester.

2. Self-evaluation forms

You soon will be receiving a self-evaluation form that is slightly different than those for prior units. This evaluation asks you to reflect on the entire semester, so please provide thoughtful and detailed answers to the questions. Renee places a much higher value on this semester evaluation, so you will want it to reflect your thoughts as clearly and honestly as possible.

These self-evaluation forms are due to me no later than Monday, Jan. 25.


3. Foreign Language Standards

If you are finishing a full-credit of foreign language this semester, be sure you have completed the entire level of Rosetta Stone and the accompanying worksheets, and all of the Laurel language standards. You will need to have all of these documents accessible both through Google Docs (in a dedicated folder) and as printed hard copies for your file at school. If you need help with the printing, please let me or Cassidy know -- we are happy to help.

If you are completing a half-credit, the above also applies, except it would be for half of the requirements.

4. Keyboarding

If you have completed the Keyboarding course, I will notify Renee that you have earned the half-credit. I also will provide a Certificate of Completion for you (this will likely be a download). If you have not completed the course this semester, you may continue to work on it during second semester to earn the half-credit. However, you will not be using a dedicated class block to do so; it will need to be finished outside of class time.

5. Final semester meetings

Please plan to attend your meetings with me during these final weeks. We will be reviewing your independent studies to make sure you are ready for your meeting with Renee. Also those will be excellent opportunities to ask any questions you may have, well in advance of the end of semester. 

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