UPDATE: Laurel Yearbook

  04/11/21 23:13, by Annabella

I'm glad so many people are interested in having a yearbook! That's awesome!

Cassidy has made a hangouts chat including everyone who commented on the previous blog post. If you would like to be added to that chat, please comment here.

I think creating the yearbook will be fairly easy if everyone who expressed interest does a little bit. There is a doc on the chat where you can say what aspects you would like to be involved in, and I am also linking it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L6jT0ZMFUD9q10J9W0xtyWd9qJVmBSUXUj9xwY_m0II/edit?usp=sharing

Once we know who is interested in what we will start assigning you jobs. This should be fun and easy!


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Laurel Yearbook

  04/01/21 18:42, by Annabella

Hello and happy break!

Would anyone be interested in having a Laurel yearbook this year? Traditionally the yearbook includes things like quotes, pictures, and short write ups of events throughout the school year (similar to the newsletter). We also typically ask each person in each grade three unique questions, and put together a "most likely to..." page, etc.

I would be happy to organize this, but if anyone wanted to do it instead or collaborate on it that would be very appreciated!!!
More importantly, if anyone has any pictures of Laurel related things or any quotes from Laurel students, please send them to me!!! My email is annabellajill@gmail.com.

I was thinking having a physical copy of a Laurel yearbook would be a nice way to commemorate this year, covid and all.

Thanks for reading and please comment asap if you're interested in having a yearbook, interested in helping organize and/or design it, or if you have any material/questions for it!!


March Survey!

  03/24/21 08:00, by Cassidy

Amp up for Spring Break with the March Survey! Takes 2 minutes!

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Deadlines for independent study folder sheets and evaluations

  03/22/21 09:04, by Lynne

Hello, all Independent Study students!

Unit 6 is quickly coming to a close (Tuesday, March 30) and Unit 7 begins Tuesday, April 6, your first day back at school after Spring Break. 
I am sending out your evaluation forms for Unit 6; these are due Tuesday, April 6. Please remember to sign/date at the bottom. Also due that day are the completed Unit 6 folder sheets (number-ranked evaluations/Completed Work sections). 
Folder sheets for Unit 7 are due Friday, April 9. Fill out the number-ranked Expectations, Plan and Specifics sections, then sign/date at the bottom.
These are being sent to you well in advance so you will have time to complete them and return them by the deadline. 
If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!
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Cabaret - By Next Week!

  03/12/21 11:21, by Joy


 Cabaret Memories!

For anyone looking for inspiration here is a preview of what past cabarets have looked like.

Cabaret Preview from 2018 and 2019 (6 mins)


I also put together a slideshow from the pictures taken last year. (let me know if you want the pictures)

Cabaret Slide Show Youtube (4 mins)



1. Here (see link) you will find the video recording of the 3/10 meeting (15 minutes)

2. By next Friday (3/19), we are hoping to have all skits cast. The majority of parts are short and have a short time commitment. There are parts available for in-person students and virtual students.

3. By next Thursday (3/18), anyone interested in acting should read through our list of Full Scripts (see link). There is a Table of Contents on the first page with a short blurb describing the script; you can jump through the Doc depending on your interest by clicking the link of the title. At the top of each script is a description of what we are looking for in terms of acting.

4. If you have interest in one (or more) parts, please respond to this email by next Thursday and fill out the Spring Acting Questionnaire (see link) by copying and pasting into your own Google Doc (make sure sharing options allow us to view). 

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