Class Planning: Closed

  09/01/20 16:07, by Cassidy

 The class planning pages are closed.

Thank you for everyone's participation on the blog this week.

There are currently blog pages for all facilitated classes. Renee will be communicating with students in her classes about assignments.

I have also made a page for Virtual Extracurriculars which is a brainstorming page for community bonding. If you have an idea for community bonding at school or virtually, or thoughts about after-school activities, comment on that page.

Thank you!

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Laurel Survey

  08/23/20 10:41, by Cassidy

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you've been checking in with your VHS email accounts - there's been a few emails sent out as we prepare for the fall semester.

There's currently an open survey for returning Laurel students.

Your response(s) will help us put together a rough outline of interests and possibilities for academic facilitation to begin the semester.

If you will be (or MIGHT be) interested in any Laurel classes (facilitated or independent study) mark out any possible interests you may have for this semester.

Also indicate which blocks you anticipate you will have (MAY have) some time during the day  whether or not you are planning to be physically coming to school or working virtually.

We can and should be flexible this semester both in class structure and scheduling and this flexibility starts best led by your interests.


Renee, Lynne, John, and Cassidy


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looking for a job

  05/26/20 23:05, by Ethan

I am looking for a summer job, does anyone know of someone hiring? 


Meetings with Renee 5/28-6/3

  05/26/20 18:39, by Lynne

For those who haven't signed up for a meeting with Renee, please do so right away. Monday-Wednesday are full, and Friday afternoon is as well. So those signing up will be Thursday and Friday morning meeting times.

It's important to have your portfolio in good shape beforehand. 

For many of you, this week's meetings with me will be the last. Please try to keep our set meeting time so we can discuss preparations for your meeting with Renee. Also, so I can see your smiling mug one more time before the end of school. :D

I will be figuring blogging percentages Thursday morning, so make today and Wednesday count.

Click here to sign up for a visit with Renee:


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Groups for final Video Chat with Strangers May 26-29

  05/22/20 09:54, by Lynne

Here are the groups for the final week of Video Chat with Strangers. If you haven't already shared your prior chats on your blog (in order to earn Laurel service hours), please do so right away. Also be sure to have a hard-copy log to keep in your file at school.

Belle  Gracie Ambrosia Aly

Fiona  Ena  Anneka

Cammie  Arianna  Joy Hannah

Kale  Ethan K  Fritz

Ben   Jasper  Severin


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