Fourth block, final quarter

  03/27/20 20:43, by Annabella

Okay, if anyone is interested in having a virtual class this coming quarter, please comment to this post!
We could meet at an earlier time than regular fourth block while we are out of school, if that works for everyone. I think Cassidy and maybe John have some availability, but depending on the group we can decide if facilitated or independent would be best.
I would love to hear suggestions and ideas from everyone interested!

Here are some of my ideas and what they could entail:

- sociology - this is very broad, we would need to narrow it down - could talk about ethics, philosophers, social movements, age, race, culture, nationality, fashion, psychology

- film (I know there is already a film class going on) watch films and discuss and create short films and edit

- geology: learn about the earth, oceanology, climatology, marine biology, anything “logy” I think as far as how we would learn this, we could get some sort of curriculum to follow, like a book or online source, and then research and present to eachother online.

- anatomy class: also probably follow some sort of curriculum, and learn about all the systems, I know I particularly would like to focus on bones and muscles, but we could go into depth on others as well. Also research and present format I am thinking

- law and order (just kidding!)
study the law and courthouse, we could get into criminal justice, and also detective knowledge and processes, also have fake court cases where we act as jury (virtual)

- art history: look at art from throughout history from around the world, and discuss it (artistry and historical context)
- comedy writing: lots of writing, loose prompts, share with class, and discuss editing ideas, directors ideas, how to cast and how to film, or if for journalism, how to edit for that

Obviously, I am all over the board, and any ideas would be appreciated! Depending on who all is interested, and in what, hopefully we can make a group class!

Thank you!!! Hope you are all well and not climbing the walls yet!


community service

  03/27/20 13:05, by Elisa

How are people getting community service--I was going to get most of mine this semester because of diversity day but because of the epidemic I am cancelling it. I don't know how to get community service because i'm stuck at home... Anyone have ideas?


block fourth quarter Next

  03/25/20 21:32, by Annabella

Hopefully my title worked.

Is there any interest in having a group class next quarter during fourth block? I have some ideas of what it could be on, but I'm open to thoughts. I'm thinking something that could be done through discussion online. I will comment my specific ideas later once I have them (I gotta reference my list first:)).

I know there are some other classes going on, so I am not sure if we would be independent or facilitated yet. John and Cassidy? What is your availability during fourth block? Maybe we could meet at an earlier time, depending on people's schedules.

Please comment if you have interest in doing something and what that something is! Thanks!


"Chat with a Stranger" and Laurel service hours

  03/25/20 16:16, by Lynne

Hi everyone!

We all know about our entertaining (and often hilarious) Laurel "Lunch with Strangers" ice-breaker activity, which gives everyone a chance to visit with fellow students they may not know very well. Due to these these unusual times, I thought it would be helpful to try a "Video Chat with a Stranger" activity that would be just as fun -- and also would count as Laurel service for those who participate. Many of your classmates are struggling with social isolation right now, and I'm sure they would welcome a chance to visit with their Laurel classmates a few times a week.

So here's how it will work:

-- Students who wish to participate are asked to reply to this blog post by Friday afternoon. This is completely voluntary, but greater participation means the conversations will be more varied and interesting.

-- On Monday morning, a meeting list will appear on this blog. Each student will be "assigned" two other students with whom they will have a 10-15 minute video chat in the coming week. (I recommend Google Hangouts for this, but other online chat programs would be fine.) Everyone is responsible for coordinating the time/day when the video chats happen. Please be considerate of the other person's time and do your best to attend the meeting at the agreed upon time/day.

-- At this time, there aren't any guidelines about what the conversation must be about, only that the students visit for 10-15 minutes on topics of their choice. (Examples are school, hobbies, sports, music, movies, how they are spending time at home, what their plans are after graduation -- you get the idea.) Each student then reports in their blog that day that they had a video chat with a fellow student (by name in the blog). The content of conversation doesn't have to be disclosed, only that the video chat occurred. If no reports are shared, no service hours will be credited.

-- Two completed conversations per week will earn 30 minutes of Laurel service (and brighten two people's lives that week). Even if you have completed all of your Laurel hours, you are welcome to join in just for the fun of it.

-- Each week, new names will be assigned so you will have an opportunity to speak with several classmates over the coming weeks. If you don't sign up for the first week but would like to participate, add your name to the list on this blog, and you'll be included in the next week. It's that easy!

Let's try to make the most -- and best -- of this time away from school. I would love to see all 42 of you participate -- now wouldn't that be amazing?


Independent Study folder sheets and evaluations

  03/23/20 07:56, by Lynne

Getting questions about folder sheets/evaluations for independent studies, so here's how we can proceed:

If you have a blank folder sheet to work from, go ahead and make a plan for the next unit (Unit 7) on regular paper. You can then take a photo and attach it to a blog post (titled Unit 7 Folder Sheet) I will comment on it, and that will count as "signing off."

If you don't have a folder sheet with you, see my notes below for how to recreate one.

Your unit 6 reflection can be typed in a Google Doc instead of on the actual folder sheet. Again, I will comment, and that counts as my signature.


Here is the information to include on the folder sheet:

Your name

The subject you are studying

Whether it's a half credit or full credit


First tell your expectations (1-5) for the following activities you will be using during the unit:

Daily blogging (for the class, not for your Laurel requirements)

Folder (the overall quality of your folder sheet)

Reflections (your unit evaluation)

Testing (if you are doing an online study that includes quizzes/tests, or if you are doing Quizlets or making your own tests for the class)

Formal Writing (essays)

Vocabulary (especially Foreign Language, but also other classes)

Research Paper

Presentation (this could include sharing your artwork online, videos of musical practices and other performing arts, a Google slide show, an ASL demonstration)

Note-taking (show me your notes for the past unit)

Special Project (whatever this looks like)

Online Course (Khan Academy, Rosetta Stone,, etc.)

Other (anything not listed above)


Remember, you aren't required to do all of these activities, only the ones that pertain to your independent study.


Next, in one paragraph, tell me your plan for Unit 7 (what you plan to learn). Fore example: In my study of The Industrial Revolution in the US, I want to learn how early manufacturing changed the economy and the American way of life, from agrarian to more cosmpolitan.

In a second paragraph, tell me specifically how you plan to learn it (online reading, books, online courses, videos, experiments, etc.) For example: I plan to read two books about the Industrial Revolution (giving book titles), write two summaries, watch videos about manufacturing from the 1900s through 2000, and create a Google Slide show with my findings.

At the end of the unit, you will do the Completed Work (telling me what you actually did accomplish)

Unit 6 ends Tuesday, March 31; please complete your evaluations by Friday, April 3.

Unit 7 begins April 1; please complete your folder sheet by Monday, April 6.

If you have any questions, please ask. You know I'm here to support you!



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