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Deadline Reports

  12/04/18 08:49, by John

Please add a record of your deadlines as a comment to this post.

A deadline is a record of when your 6 required presentations and or projects will be completed -- you have six weeks to finish all 6 presentations and projects.

For every deadline, record a brief summary of the presentation/project you have been working on -- feel free to comment on your vision, your progress, and your goal(s).

Feel free to edit your comment as the semester proceeds -- changing your deadlines and changing the description of your presentation and project as you progress.

Questions? Ask.


Comment from: [Member]

My project deadlines:

Projects already completed: 1.

Monday 12/17/18: Google trend charts on various search terms/topics compared, with an explanation of why these search terms/topics show up in the various ratios they do.

Friday 1/4/19 Study into polling- how pols are conducted in detail and a summary of my findings.

Monday 1/7/19: Short story about a true statistical oddity and additional oddity representations.
Statistical skit using true statistical information (making fun of statistical irrelevance).

Thursday 1/18/19: Statistical skit using true statistical information (making fun of statistical irrelevance).

Thursday 12/18/18: Understanding Excel

12/05/18 @ 16:25
Comment from: [Member]

Project Deadlines:

I will be participating in the Excel classes throughout the rest of the semester so it will be “completed” once I have a basic understanding of it.
- Excel. Learn the basics.

- Use soccer statistics to predict the next weeks games.


- See who can predict the Super Bowl more accurately. Me vs. John.


- Use correlation to find things to invest in.


- Build a Pascal Triangle? (worth two hopefully, I intend to full send it)

This is not set at all. I may end up doing a different project or doing them in a different order.

12/05/18 @ 21:36
Comment from: [Member]

I will complete 1 project by 12-20
Another project by 1-10
And then another by 1-18.

12/05/18 @ 22:15
Comment from: [Member]

MY deadlines:
Projects completed: 1

Complete order of magnitude problem

Complete Box project to get compete a statistical art project

Complete another undecided art project

Build a gaultin Board

By the end of the semester have basic knowledge of how excel works and possibly have done some projects involving it.

12/06/18 @ 09:51
Comment from: [Member]

My Deadlines:
12/10/18: Quarter Circle experiment.

12/17/18: Do order of magnitude problems. Also another statistical drawing.

1/4/19: Read parts of Wisdom of the Crowds and write a short report on it.

1/14/19: Two more projects, I haven’t decided exactly what they will be yet.

The order and even some of the projects on my list will probably change

12/07/18 @ 14:26
Comment from: [Member]

My Deadlines:

Completed - 1st project (graphing coin flips)

2nd project - (Coloring in the patterns within Pascal’s Triangle) Finish by 12/17/18

3rd Project - ( Writing in all the numbers in a Pascal’s Triangle and looking for patterns in the numbers. Also coloring in different numbers like odd, even, etc..) Finish by 12/21/18

4th Project - (Probably something to do with graphing and asking a big group of people questions) Finish in beginning of January

5th Project - (Not fully sure yet what this one will be. Maybe another one having to do with Pascal’s Triangle. I am becoming very interested in learning more and more about it) Finish sometime in January

6th Project - (Not determined yet) Finish before the end of the class

12/09/18 @ 10:08
Comment from: [Member]

1. 12/14: explaining google correlates why they are that pattern
2. 12/20 stock market and google correlation
3. 1/4: “Wisdom of the Crowds” or “Black Swan” and write short summary
4+5. random number generator (Worth 2, plan on putting lots of time into this)
6.By end of class- undecided

12/09/18 @ 16:50
Comment from: [Member]


Question: Are the 6 presentations and projects the same? For example, I do a project, and then present on it. Or do I have to do 6 projects and then 6 presentations on something different?

1. Create a Galton Board: A physical representation that I will make out of wood, in order to for it to be actually random (the computer can’t do this). I will finish this by the end of the class (I plan on putting a lot of time into this to make it as accurate as possible). This project will count for at least 2 projects.

2. Reading at least the beginning of one of Johns books. I plan to finish this by 12/30.

3. Order of magnitude problems. I will finish this by 12/20

4. Graphing coin flips. I have already done this, but I plan on taking it further, and making more graphs. Will finish by 1/1

5. Creating a survey, interviewing people (hopefully at least everybody in Laurel). I will then create multiple graphs based on the data I obtained. Will finish by the end of the class, because I will interview as many people as I can, and then graph it at the very end.

12/09/18 @ 18:21
Comment from: [Member]


12/17: finish wisdoms of the crowds book(moved deadline back due to sickness)

12/21: tbd

1/4: create a survey for at least 20 people from laurel and outside of laurel to partake and then graph the answers and compare them

1/10: tbd

1/15: not sure

By end of semester: to be decided

I would love some help for ideas John. This stresses me out a lot.

12/09/18 @ 18:24
Comment from: [Member]


1) coin flipping graph - finished
2) reading part of black swan, and doing a project based on what I’ve read by 1/10
3) polling - undecided on how i will execute this 1/5
4) correlation graph 12/23
5) Khan academy - i will be watching videos on prob and stats and doing the exercise problems that correspond to the video by 1/12
6) last one i still need to figure out by 1/16

12/09/18 @ 18:37
Comment from: [Member]

My deadlines:

I have completed 2 projects so far.

Project 1: Coin Flipping Graph 11/08/18

Summary: I flipped 200 coins individually and made a Histogram graph showing how many heads there were per the 20 groups of 10 that I did.

Project 2: Quarter Circle in a Box 11/27/18

Summary: I followed the directions that John gave for the project and created a 5“ x 5“ box with a quarter circle drawn on inside of it. I took 100 sprinkles and “shook” the box 10 times and recorded how many sprinkles were inside and outside of the quarter circle mark. I did not count the ones that landed on the line.

I attended and optional section of class where John briefly explained how to make the calculations with our data for the experiment. I also ended up meeting John at Resource so that he could explain it a little better for me to understand.

Project 3: Monopoly Dice Rolling
Due: 12/20/18
prediction and outcome (which places on the Monopoly board will be landed on the most)

I plan to roll 300 or 400 times and record how many times each place is landed on the most and least times. Then I will make a list of all the places landed on. Lastly I will write a conclusion analogy telling why I think the particular places were landed on the most.

Project 4: Eye color in Laurel related to something… I am not sure of what yet, maybe smartness or color of hair or something else.

Due: 1/10/19

I will most likely pick 10 or more people from Laurel to take a poll on some subject or some other way of getting data. Then I will see if there is some correlation between the two and maybe put my data into a graph or something similar. I am not totally sure on this one yet.

Project 5: Undetermined as of right now. Maybe reading a book or watching some sort of movie and writing a summary and reflection.

Due: 1/14/19

Project 6: Undetermined as of right now.

Due: 1/17/19

12/09/18 @ 19:04
Comment from: [Member]

Rowan – “Bringing Down the House” is the black jack con title.

If you are reading that book – a good one! – should also investigate counting cards yourself to see if you can beat the dealer as well (it’s not hard and mighty clever)

12/09/18 @ 19:44
Comment from: [Member]

1- 12/15/18 Order of magnitude. I am doing 5 problems at the moment. If I really enjoy it I might up that amount.

2- 12/15/18 (2 projects) I am going to create a second and “more” random number generator using excel. I have my less random one in Blue-Jay.

3- 12/13/18 I am joining with Hannah and Celeste to determine which spaces are landed on most frequently in Monopoly.

5- 1/3/19 I am really interested in reading some of Bringing Down the House and learning card counting

6- Undecided as of yet.

12/09/18 @ 20:57
Comment from: [Member]

I am currently in the process if working on 2 of my projects right now.

N/A - Learning the basics of Excel/Google Sheets (Undecided if I am going to continue this project.)

12/17- Create a survey and interview Laurel students then make multiple graphs that display the collected data.

12/24- Read one of the books John recommended

12/31- Order of Magnitude problems. (Hopefully with some help from John)

1/7- Reading another one of John’s books

1/14 Something to do with correlation and why things are that way

1/21- TBD

- I would like to talk to John tomorrow regarding details on these projects specifically the reading.

12/09/18 @ 21:08
Comment from: [Member]

Alyssandra posts:

dec12 Wayne Gretzky stats compared to the NHL stars of today.
dec17 testing the Bradley effect.
dec17 list of ways to get random numbers.
jan7 stats on the success of predators hunting.
jan14 animal population decline stats.
jan17 casino game for a casino day.

12/10/18 @ 06:30
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks John.

12/10/18 @ 08:21

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