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Thursday -- Edward Tufte the Old King of Data Visualization and Information Design

  01/09/19 15:27, by John

World Rivers and Mountains -- Colton Atlas 1864

Body Mass to Brain Mass

New York Population Migrations

1. Basic:  Edward Tufte -- Elegant and effective and interesting Data Visualization and Information Design

Optional Preparation: In the crush of "info graphics" look for an example of elegant data visualization and post a link. We will discuss the difference between statistical data and statistical facts. What is elegance ?-- perhaps start with a graphic that has more data substance the graphic style (I find elegant data display to have levels of understanding but a united picture that also tells a "data story" --as opposed to "chart junk" hiding "thin data" or confusing "data prisons" (we saw a lot of those last Thursday).

2. Excel Practice

Preparation: Here's Junipers's "Rice in a Box" pi calculation -- I put together a worksheet (and macro) to improve his sheet -- see how far you can work through the exercises

3. Once again -- if there are to be presentations of projects in class to an efficient protocol, I think this is time well spent. If the class wants time for un-structured presentations, I will cede as much time as needed (but I will not attend "spontaneous" presentations which are disrespectful of class time)




Comment from: [Member]
01/06/19 @ 14:38
Comment from: [Member]

Your first Cedella is good looking but very data light – the second has good possibilities but there is no “key” for understanding

01/06/19 @ 15:07
Comment from: [Member]

Thanks John! I will be attending the basic section of the class!

I would-but I do not think my projects need presentation although I could show my graph I did for the coin flipping and I already shared my book summery so…

I think this is a very good example of a good way of displaying the data and useful information: https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8398/8646910887_d98f17d600_o.jpg

Similar to the one In Chicago that you showed me John

01/06/19 @ 15:31
Comment from: [Member]
01/06/19 @ 18:30
Comment from: [Member]

I will be in the basic section.
On the website I found, I thought just about every one of the infographics were good. My favorite was The Problem of The Underground graphic.

01/06/19 @ 19:22
Comment from: [Member]

I will be in the basic section and in the Excel section. I think I got most of Juniper’s rice in a box sheet (not the macro) but definitely not all of it. It would be great to go over that in class.

I was gone last class so I don’t know what you did with infographics so I just tried to pick one that had a lot of info and was interesting to look at.

(if you click on the picture you can see the whole thing)

01/06/19 @ 20:29
Comment from: [Member]

I will be in class tomorrow. I am planning on attending the Basic section, and for the other part of class that I am not in I will be starting research on a new project.

Here are some infographics that I found that were presented better and were easier to read:




01/06/19 @ 20:46
Comment from: [Member]

I will be in class tomorrow. I am going to be attending the basic section of class, and for the other part of class, working on my survey project. Here is a infographic I found really interesting. It is about Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. The red line represents the French army before the invasion, on the attack. The black line represents the French army when they were retreating from Russia. There is numbers along the lines showing the number of men in the army. It also shows the temperature along the bottom of the graph. I found this a bit confusing at first, so hopefully this will help.


01/06/19 @ 21:02
Comment from: [Member]
01/06/19 @ 21:17
Comment from: [Member]

I will be in both the basic and excel. Here is a fun graphic about travel numbers per country. If the paper planes were sized proportionately I think that would look cool.

01/06/19 @ 22:05
Comment from: [Member]

I will be in the basic and excel sections. Here are some links to “elegant” data (as elegant as I could find):


I will present my visual projects tomorrow if there is time.

01/06/19 @ 22:06
Comment from: [Member]

I will be in be in both sections tomorrow.

Here is an extremely simple infographic that I also really like:

01/06/19 @ 22:19
Comment from: [Member]

I will be in the basic section of class tomorrow. I will work on Order of Magnitude for the reminder of class.

Here is a simple and hopefully easy to read infographic.


01/09/19 @ 21:36

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