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For this project I compared the stats of Wayne Gretzky( the best hockey player who ever played) to NHL players today. I started this project by going to nhl.com and writing down the stats of Wayne Gretzky as well as: Duncan Keith, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews,Mikko Rantanen, and Sidney Crosby. For each player I calculated their average points per season and points per game. I know I could have found the averages on google but they may have been made with different stats then mine which would have made the averages wrong according to the data I was using. Then I put the data I got into graphs. I used a website called kids zone to make my graphs. I put the graphs into a google docs which you can look at just click here

I can present this in class if anyone is interested in hearing more. Just comment if you want to hear more. 



Comment from: [Member]

This is super cool and I would like to hear more in class!


12/13/18 @ 16:22
Comment from: [Member]

Cool! Would like to hear more in a presentation in class!

From what I have seen I would give this project a 7

12/13/18 @ 17:40
Comment from: [Member]

An 8!

12/13/18 @ 20:40
Comment from: [Member]

Sounds awesome! I would love to learn more!!!

It seems Wayne is pretty much the GOAT.


12/13/18 @ 22:21
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Curious,I did some data research on this topic and adjusted the points scored by the average goals scored by NHL teams – in Gretzky’s prime NHL teams averaged nearly 4 goals per game, now it is less than three…

Here’s my results as a EXCEL spreadsheet attached – I’ll try to put it onto a Google Sheets

12/15/18 @ 08:30
Comment from: [Member]

This is pretty cool. I like how it’s so easy to see how many more goals Gretzky scored than the other players.
I wouldn’t mind hearing more in class.


12/15/18 @ 12:06
Comment from: [Member]

WOW Gretzky seemed to fly over the averages of the other players! I would definitely like to hear more in class. What did you learn form this project?


12/15/18 @ 21:46
Comment from: [Member]

It seems like you did a lot of research on this and took time to find these averages. I give it a 9/10, good work!

12/16/18 @ 18:47
Comment from: [Member]

This sounds super cool, I am defiantly glad you could base the project off something that interests you.
Good job

12/17/18 @ 09:51
Comment from: [Member]

That’s really cool! Even at the lowest point in his career (by number of goals), he was still scoring as much as the other players.
I rate this project 8/10.
Also, I would love for you to present this.

12/17/18 @ 10:42
Comment from: [Member]

I like that you used hockey! also its so amazing to see how truly exceptional Gretzky is!!

12/17/18 @ 10:47
Comment from: [Member]

Nice job applying Statistics to Hockey! Wayne Gretzky was a pretty impressive dude.


12/17/18 @ 13:36
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12/18/18 @ 19:27
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12/19/18 @ 17:33
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